Stephanie Dickrell’s article on Tina Smith’s St. Cloud visit should be laughed at. It isn’t because the article was poorly written. It’s that Tina Smith said some ridiculous-sounding things.

For instance, Tina Smith is quoted as saying “It’s such a visceral reminder of how we need to get back to respecting one another, even if we disagree. We need to tamp down the anger and we can disagree with one another, but we need to also respect each other.”

It isn’t that we shouldn’t respect each other. It’s that Tina Smith hasn’t practiced what she’s preached since she got to the Senate. When Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement from the Supreme Court, President Trump nominated then-Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Within minutes, Tina Smith announced that she wouldn’t vote for Kavanaugh. When Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford was outed by Sen. Feinstein as having been attacked by Kavanaugh, Smith again said that she wouldn’t vote for Kavanaugh, saying that the charges were too serious. The charges were serious. The evidence wasn’t. The 4 people who were supposed to verify Dr. Ford’s story sided with then-Judge Kavanaugh. Dr. Ford’s best friend said that she didn’t even know Kavanaugh.

If Sen. Smith thinks it’s important to “get back to respecting one another,” why didn’t she bother showing up for the only debate that was televised statewide? I remember this disastrous picture:

Where’s Tina?

Tina Smith’s words are nice. Unfortunately, her actions speak louder than words. That’s why I’m voting for Karin Housley. She’s a woman who gets things done. When she heard about seniors in nursing homes getting abused. Karin dug in to fix the problem. Unfortunately, she ran into a roadblock named Mark Dayton, who vetoed the bipartisan bill that would’ve fixed the problem.

Compare that with Tina Smith’s inaction. The problem happened while she was Lt. Gov. She did nothing. No investigations. No disciplinary actions, either. Many of the complaints weren’t in the Twin Cities so, to Tina, they didn’t exist. To Tina, land outside the Twin Cities exists only for photo ops.

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