Last night on Almanac, Ken Martin, the DFL Party Chairman, did his best to appease the #MeToo movement activists while still defending Keith Ellison. Suffice it to say that he didn’t exactly thread the needle. Martin started by saying that all victims of sexual abuse or assault need to be taken seriously, which is why the DFL undertook an “independent investigation” conducted by the DFL’s official law firm.

Martin failed to highlight the fact that the ‘investigating’ law firm has contributed $500,000 to DFL candidates in the past, including $50,000 to Ellison. Then again, what’s a half-million dollars amongst friends, right.

Another thing that Martin didn’t highlight is the fact that Karen Monahan produced evidence of Ellison’s attack by having her doctor release a document that stated she was physically and mentally abused by Keith Ellison. Despite that proof, Martin still doesn’t believe her:

“I support Karen bringing her allegations forward, and I support there being an investigation into those,” Martin said. “We conducted an outside, independent investigation, and that investigation showed we could not substantiate her claim of domestic abuse. And so I do not believe her; I believe our investigation.”

I can’t take seriously an investigation conducted by a highly conflicted law firm. One conservative I talked with put it this way:

You also have the spectacle of a paunchy, bloated DFL chairman Ken Martin telling us he doesn’t believe her. Instead, we are implausibly expected to believe the DFL’s own “outside” investigation of the matter. Yes, the fox has definitely concluded that there is no evidence he was in the hen house on the night in question.

What could possibly go wrong with an investigation like that? Here’s Chairman Martin tap-dancing as best he could:

Calling that investigation an “independent investigation” is insulting. Further, while Martin used a soft tone of voice, the truth is that he still called Ms. Monahan a liar. That’s one of the reasons why I think Martin isn’t a man of integrity.

Another reason I think Martin isn’t a man of integrity is because he’s defending Keith Ellison, a man who has supported cop-killers like Assata Shakur in the past. Martin is defending Ellison for purely partisan reasons. It’s impossible to think he honestly thinks Ellison is an innocent man.

5 Responses to “Ken Martin’s partisan stripe”

  • eric z says:

    Why believe her? I believe the PiPress items about Doug Wardlow being a thug-bully against other students in high school. It’s more believable. And that statement Wardlow released. Too much a weasel to answer questions in person in a press interview. When the going gets tough the tough get going and Wardlow issues a statement.

  • eric z says:

    Gary, I know you can read. The doctor wrote up that she SAID something happened. Same old, same old. Does Parker have an ace up his sleeve, or has that camp shot their wad?

  • Chad Q says:

    Why believe her? Because that’s what people like you told Americans they had to do during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings but now that it’s your guy who has more credible allegation against him, the woman is lying and not to be believed.
    The people have seen Ellison for what he really is, a partisan hack who will weaponize the AG office to fight anything Trump and they don’t want any part of it.

  • Gary Gross says:

    The doctor won’t make things up. When Monahan makes statements, the doctor can’t write it down on a medical document unless the dr. can verify the information.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Based on what? Ideological preferences? Do you REALLY want to live in a state/nation where a person can be ruined with allegations alone? I don’t. As for releasing a statement, I’m totally fine with that considering the fact that the Twin Cities media don’t play fair.

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