The closer we get to Election Day, the more Tina Smith goes into hiding. About 2 weeks ago, Outdoor News sent a questionnaire out to all 4 Minnesota candidates for US Senate. Of the 4 candidates that received the questionnaires, (wait for it) only Tina Smith didn’t respond:

Sunday night, she didn’t attend the KSTP debate. Smith insists that she’s a great listener. That’s impossible to believe when she consistently doesn’t show up for debates or doesn’t answer easy questionnaires. Not filling out that questionnaire is disrespectful. Does Tina think that she doesn’t need to answer to the people? Apparently.

At some point, Tina Smith will be rightly labeled an elitist snob who doesn’t thinks she has to answer to the people. It isn’t difficult to argue that you aren’t a listener if you ignore opportunity after opportunity to respond to constituents. That’s what Tina Smith is doing.

Let’s remember that she doesn’t have a gigantic lead. Tina’s lead is within the margin of error. Acting like she’s got this wrapped up won’t help her image. Frankly, I don’t know why Gov. Dayton picked Tina to replace Al Franken. It isn’t like she was the Democrat with the most impressive resume in the state.

This is a race to watch. Karin Housley is running a great campaign and is gaining ground fast. If Tina Smith keeps acting like she’s already won, she’ll soon be delivering a concession speech.

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