Jessie van Berkel’s article will put a smile on Republicans’ faces across the nation. That’s especially true for Minnesota’s Republicans.

According to van Berkel’s article, “Republican Doug Wardlow has pulled ahead of Democrat U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison in the race for Minnesota attorney general, a Star Tribune/MPR News Minnesota Poll found. Wardlow now leads by 7 percentage points, at 43 percent to 36 percent for Ellison, just a month after the Democrat held a 5-point edge in a September Minnesota Poll. The switch follows a turbulent period for the Ellison campaign, as he has navigated the political fallout of his former girlfriend’s allegation that he abused her in 2016, a claim he denies.”

That certainly isn’t good news for Ellison but it isn’t the worst news for him. This is:

Voters in Hennepin and Ramsey counties preferred Ellison in the new poll, but Wardlow was ahead in every other part of the state. Wardlow’s support also grew among voters aged 18 to 34. That age group went for Ellison by a wide margin in the September poll, and while he still leads among such voters, the percentage that backed Wardlow more than doubled.

This is terrible news:

After Sunday night’s terrible performance by Ellison at the KSTP debate, it’s time for Wardlow to go for the jugular and put Ellison out of our misery.

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