Beto O’Rourke can start working on his concession speech. He’s going to lose and lose big. That’s because, last night, he told the nation that he’d vote to impeach President Trump.

O‚ÄôRourke still lobbed some barbs at his opponent at the town hall, but offered another self-criticism following a question from a woman whose 24-year-old son died of a heroin overdose. He noted that the language of a later-vetoed 2009 resolution he helped author while an El Paso City Council member was “inartful at best” for endorsing legalizing narcotics as a way to curb the drug violence across the border in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

When asked if he’d vote to impeach President Trump, he initially dodged the question:

When Dana Bash asked him to address the initial question, he talked about President Trump’s Helsinki press conference with Vladimir Putin, saying that was “collusion in action.” That’s a frightening glimpse into the mind of a liberal. After that, I don’t want another glimpse.

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