When Sen. Tester published unverified allegations against Dr. Ronny Jackson, he must’ve known that this was a bombshell. Now, with less than 3 weeks left until Election Day, President Trump is pushing the issue.

Washington Times writer David Sands wrote “President Trump on Thursday will be making his third trip to the sparsely populated state, stumping in Missoula for the Republican challenger, State Auditor Matt Rosendale, or, to put it another way, stumping against two-term incumbent Democratic Sen. Jon Tester. While both parties try to gauge the electoral fallout of the recent confirmation battle over Supreme Court Brett M. Kavanaugh, Mr. Trump’s focus here is on an earlier battle, Mr. Tester’s prominent role in torpedoing the nomination of Adm. Ronny Jackson, Mr. Trump’s White House doctor, to run the Department of Veterans Affairs this spring.”

Earlier tonight, Sen. Tester tried saying that he hadn’t torpedoed Jackson’s nomination. He said that despite the fact that he’s on tape torpedoing Jackson’s nomination:

Shortly after Sen. Tester published these uncorroborated allegations, Trump tweeted “Ever since his vicious and totally false statements about Admiral Ron Jackson, the highly respected White House Doctor for Obama, Bush & me, Senator [Jon] Tester looks to be in big trouble in the Great State of Montana! He behaved worse than the Democrat Mob did with Justice K!”

Apparently, Democrats don’t hesitate in publishing uncorroborated allegations.

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