It’s becoming obvious that the so-called enthusiasm gap between the GOP and Democrats is mislabeled. The truth is that the Democrats’ “enthusiasm” is actually outrage. Just watch a short clip of Hillary talking about civility. What part of that inspires enthusiasm?

Though this clip doesn’t show it, The Politics Show, hosted by Esme Murphy and Pat Kessler, talked about President Trump’s rally in Rochester:

They said that they were surprised at how many people were treating the Trump rally like a celebration. Kessler then mentioned that he’d been to many presidential rallies but that he’d never seen one this deep into an administration had this much enthusiasm.

The truth is that the Republicans’ resurgence is fueled by enthusiasm and positivity. Positivity has the potential of persuading people to join the cause. That gives the GOP the advantage of building on the ‘Kavanaugh Effect’.

Meanwhile, the Democrats’ ‘enthusiasm’ is built upon outrage. When Eric Holder says “When they go low, we kick them”, he isn’t giving people motivation to join the Democrats’ cause. When Kirsten Sinema, the Democrats’ Senate candidate in Arizona, belittles Arizonans, she isn’t motivating Republicans to vote for her.

If I had to bet on the House majority, I’d bet on the GOP holding that majority. The myth that suburban white women were fleeing the GOP is overblown. Further, people are underestimating the white male turnout in blue collar districts. If Democrats don’t make a significant dent in those districts, they’ll be stuck in the minority again.

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