One of the principles of the #MeToo movement is that women are automatically to be believed when they insist that they’ve been sexually assaulted. Apparently, Joe Radinovich isn’t pro-#MeToo. According to this article, he “continues to avoid taking a stance on the allegations against Minnesota attorney general candidate Keith Ellison.” A profile in courage, he isn’t. Then again, finding a Democrat who’s willing to stand up to Tom Steyer, Mike Bloomberg, Black Lives Matter and Antifa is virtually impossible.

Here’s what courage doesn’t look like:

The DFL doesn’t believe in protecting women. They just believe in saying that they’ll protect women. After watching Sen. Feinstein throw Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford to the wolves, why should anyone think that Democrats care about women?

The reason why these allegations are sticking to Keith Ellison is because of Ellison’s lack of character. In the past, he’s supported cop-killers and other radicals. Is it that difficult to believe he isn’t a man of integrity?

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