The McSally-Sinema race is definitely heating up. If it wasn’t, Mitt Romney wouldn’t be taking time away from his campaign to campaign for Martha McSally. That isn’t the only proof that the race is heating up, either.

Over the past 2-3 weeks, Sinema has gotten caught in some fairly major lies. First, she was caught lying about being homeless as a child. She took a hit when a reporter found electric bills that her family paid while they were supposed homeless. It’s difficult to picture a homeless family paying electric bills while they’re homeless. Further, Sinema was exposed as supporting a lawyer for a famous terrorist:

The first, from Fox News, delineated how Sinema promoted events at Arizona State University that featured attorney Lynn Stewart, who was convicted for aiding Omar Abdel Rahman, who himself was charged and sentenced to life for scheming to blow up the United Nations, an FBI building, two tunnels, and a bridge in New York City.

Then there’s this:

The second story was reported by The Washington Free Beacon, which wrote of a group email from 2006 in which Sinema equated the deaths of American soldiers with illegal immigrants entering the United States.

Perhaps, those stories started circulating while this poll was in the field:

A month ago, the MSM were all but writing Arizona off for the Republicans. If that ABC poll is right, reports of McSally’s demise were definitely premature.

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