According to a quote in this article, Erin Murphy has supernatural powers. Nora Hertel quoted Murphy as saying “It is easy to advance a message that scapegoats some people. When we hear a candidate talk about ending any refugee resettlement, we know what that is about. When we hear a candidate for the attorney general’s race saying he wants to change the complexion of the state of Minnesota, we know what that is about.”

Apparently, Erin Murphy can hear dog whistles. Seriously, how would Erin Murphy know what people are thinking? I’m betting that Murphy is projecting. I’m betting that Murphy wants to avoid talking about the substance of the issues.

Why would she want to talk about Keith Ellison’s love of sanctuary cities? Why would she want to talk about the fact that Doug Wardlow actually wants to enforce existing Minnesota laws rather than immediately filing lawsuits?

Murphy apparently prefers accusing Republicans of being racists without having proof. Here’s the real choice for Minnesotans:

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