Bryan Dean Wright’s op-ed highlights the pickle Democrats find themselves in after their failed attempt to stop Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Particularly scathing is when Wright says “Progressives have no one to blame but themselves, of course. For the past two months, the Democratic machinery has launched blistering attacks on Kavanaugh that have utterly backfired. The media led the way with astonishing speed and inaccuracy, with USA Today going so far as to suggest Kavanaugh was a pedophile. Meanwhile, activist groups organized pop-up protests in elevators and hallways, with cult-like followers chanting back to their leaders how they’d target their next victim. And, of course, hundreds of Democratic officials in the Senate and House pumped out talking points that defied both logic and decency.”

This wasn’t just a defeat for Democrats. It was a defeat of epic proportions. This is what they were reduced to:

Stuff like teenage farting, ice cubes, and devilish drinking games.

When Sen. Whitehouse questioned then-Judge Kavanaugh about these things, he looked downright foolish:

That’s the quality of the questioning from the Democrats? No wonder people think they’re idiots. It isn’t surprising that, after that stupidity, the Democrats’ chances are collapsing.

This is what ultimately sunk the Democrats:

When America finally heard testimony regarding Professor Ford’s serious allegations, the outcome was clear. Not one of the people she identified as attendees of the infamous 1982 party could corroborate that a sexual assault occurred or a party ever happened.

Sen. Hirono might think that men are presumed guilty until proven innocent but the rest of America disagrees. Fighting that fight is an uphill fight all the way.

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