There’s no denying the fact that last week’s Kavanaugh hearing were a watershed moment in modern political history. Last night, Sean Hannity correctly told Karin Housley that it was a “game-changing moment.” This article goes into detail about suburban women’s reaction to the hearing.

For instance, Julie Kelly wrote “I asked several suburban moms to share their thoughts about the Democrats’ assault on Kavanaugh. Here is a sampling of their responses:
‘The whole process was shameful, an obvious political maneuver. Ford clearly had ‘something’ happen to her, and the Democrats capitalized on her pain. Their disingenuous actions actually hurt the real plight women face. It was a dark day for America on Thursday.'”

She continued:

“What does it say about me as a woman that I don’t feel such strong affiliation with the sisterhood that I therefore automatically believe every charge leveled at a man by a woman? Is it my training as a lawyer? I don’t think so. I think it is my years of being married to an honorable man, and my parenting of two young men who ‘know’ what is and isn’t expected of them in their treatment of their female peers.”

While I expect the RNC Chairwoman to put the best possible spin on what’s happening, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee misplayed their hand. This interview is quite telling:

“Democrats behavior in this process is truly disgusting and childish. I am appalled. I also watched Judge Kavanaugh’s rebuttal. I’ve read comments that ‘we don’t want a judge with that temperament on the bench!’ Really? I work in the legal system and that’s exactly the temperament I expect in a judge. I will vote in November no matter what. And there is no way I’d vote Democrat in this political climate.”

Republicans will have to play some defense in the next month. Still, they’ve got the opportunity to go on offense quite a bit thanks to how they’ve mishandled the Kavanaugh hearings

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