For most of this week, Democrat women senators like Mazie Hirono and Kirsten Gillibrand have insisted that Chairman Grassley’s invitation to Christine Blasey-Ford was an attempt to silence Dr. Ford. They insisted that making her testify first violated her constitutional rights. (It doesn’t.) The defendant always goes last. Who’s ever heard of the prosecution going last? How would the defendant defend himself/herself if the prosecution hasn’t presented its case first?

Writing in The Atlantic, Benjamin Witte writes that “Kavanaugh Bears the Burden of Proof.” When I went to sleep last night, I could’ve sworn that people were innocent until proven guilty. The truth is that this case has more holes in it than Swiss Cheese. If a prosecutor were to bring it to trial, the defense wouldn’t need to call a witness. All they’d have to do is make a motion to dismiss immediately after the prosecution rested. The judge would immediately dismiss for insufficient evidence.

Nan Aron, one of the most strident activists on the Democratic side, writes “Every Woman in America Is Watching” in an attempt to intimidate men.

She wrote this:

More than a quarter century ago, a university professor named Anita Hill was abused, shamed, and ignored by the U.S. Senate—just for having the courage to go before the Judiciary Committee and describe how she’d been sexually harassed by Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas.

I know because I was at that hearing. My organization, Alliance for Justice, played a role in bringing Professor Hill’s story to light, by alerting the Senate Judiciary Committee to her experiences and ability to corroborate what had been widely whispered, but not validated, about Clarence Thomas. I also remember the pain and the outrage that women felt at the way Professor Hill was treated, and I want very much to believe that such a thing would not happen again in today’s #MeToo era.

First, Anita Hill was shamed because they believed Clarence Thomas, who rightly highlighted the unsubstantiated allegations in this epic scene:

Why doesn’t Aron think that women are interested in fairness? Picture a justice system where men’s careers can be demolished with unsubstantiated allegations. Is that a world you’d want to live in? Women, imagine a system where your husband’s career can be demolished with an unsubstantiated allegation. I can’t imagine that’s your definition of fairness.

It isn’t just the faux feminists that are watching on this. It’s everyone. Predictably, the Democrats have overplayed their hand. Again. There’s an old saying about Yasser Arafat that fits Democrats perfectly: He never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity. Democrats didn’t have an opportunity to take down Judge Kavanaugh but they’re certainly missing an opportunity to win voters over.

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  • Gretchen L Leisen says:

    Your theory makes sense to you and me, but to radical feminists it will make no difference. The do not care about whether they are right, but whether they win. And to expect them to have any deference to a man being falsely accused, it’s a wild-eyed notion. As I wrote above, they only care to win, and a man’s innocence has no value in their evaluation of the situation.

  • Chad Q says:

    Another unsubstantiated allegation from 35+ years ago with absolutely no proof what so ever and the progressives and feminists believe her wholeheartedly but a recent allegation with medical proof of assault and they and the accused say it is fabricated. You can’t make this stuff up.

  • Gretchen L Leisen says:

    One more thing. In British law, I believe, the accused is assumed guilty until proven innocent. After the American Revolution, our forefathers were wise enough to change that system to be that a man/woman is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

    Apparently Democrats want to change our laws by turning them upside down.

  • Chad Q says:

    Well Gretchen, most if not all progressives like the way things are running across the pond so it’s no surprise they have reverted to thinking those laws are still in effect here.

  • Way to go Senator Grassley thank you, the dems game is getting old and it is because they are trying to play on emotions. The lies are pushing the obama identity policies and the islamification of America, I didn’t vote for hillary clinton and many of my girlfriends because of her ties to the muslim brotherhood, janet napolito’s department of homeland security mohamed elibiary. By the time comey said she lied American women like me had made up our minds a year prior to comey’s remark. It had nothing to do with Russia and all the news agencies on the internet coming from london or india or canada and seeing muslim women in hijab’s and refugees flooding our cities, and millions of anti-semetic, anti-Christian tweets like those of mohamed elibiary, seeing when our 1948 Declaration of Human Rights change on wikipedia adding palestinians to our Human Rights Declaration of 1948 by muslim professors Joe Esposito and prof John Inuzu. The dems killed their self’s with riots with muslims rioting with global black lives matter and obama’s own mouth his UN international law speeches against American’s these people are a joke democrates chamber of commerce, restorative justice (colorado safety and justice council and sceince, space and technology. The dems are those who are saying islam is a respected religion, every women in America can see 1-877-shariah is about shariah law in America. The democrats are ugly, hateful, globalist, ignorant, and desperate. Now the dems are covering up for racist black muslim clinton appointee jeh charles johnson and obamas top pentagon lawyer taken at the 2016 DNC convention and his comments to the isoamic circle of North America, and secretary jeh charles johnson remarks to, lmao. this is also shameful with the mothers of the movement and immigration muslim lawyer khan nasty hateful disqusting they way he attacked President Trump. Obama’s stakeholder unity across the federal government and attaching the dhs with our social security 1-9 form then American’s have a jobs and travel registry then muslims who are bringing in untreatable tuburculosis want not to be vetted or any travel ban from terrorist middle eastern countries., stupid as seen on cbs news (gayle king obama stooge) abc, fox, and nbc, obamas CIO 2008 dhs document calls All American’s human capital market., muslim obama and starting with clinton and bush sickening. And obama’s single care tax heathcare dhimmitute + dems attemps to disarm America only a tyrranical government attempts to disarm its citizen’s dhimmi+disarmement islamic state of America. Obama thought he could hide it.

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