This election shouldn’t be that close because Democrats aren’t the moderates that their spinmeisters tell America that they are. Remember the #SchumerShutdown? I certainly can’t forget it. That’s when Sen. Schumer was presented with a totally reasonable option of getting protection for DACA recipients in exchange for funding President Trump’s border wall. Instead of protecting DACA recipients, Sen. Schumer chose to shut the government down.

In 2009, Democrats decided to try and stuff cap and trade down our throats. At the time, Colin Peterson chaired the House Agriculture Committee. He stated that he wouldn’t hold hearings on the proposed bill so they sent it to a different committee. Eventually, it came up for a floor vote. Nancy Pelosi needed Peterson’s vote. Badly. So she forced Peterson to vote for Cap and Trade in exchange for a couple minor concessions.

As proof of their ‘moderation’, Democrats don’t just want Obamacare. They want single-payer health care. That’s where the government tells you what coverages you must have, where tax increases are required annually to bail out a system that’s unsustainable and that drives businesses from the United States.

Remember this oldie but goodie?

It’s important to remember that the Democrats’ tax policies gave the US the weakest economic recovery since the Great Depression. GDP during the Democrats’ time in control was 1.5% most years. Right now, it’s 4% or higher. Consumer confidence and small business confidence is sky high. Business investment is skyrocketing.

Why on God’s green earth would we want to return to the Obama-era policies that led to a decade of lost economic growth? No thanks.

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