Al Franken’s USA Today op-ed is proof that he’s either a constitutional idiot or a total hypocrite. Franken’s op-ed starts by saying “The nomination and confirmation of a Supreme Court justice is supposed to be a grave and solemn exercise of carefully apportioned constitutional powers. These Justices, granted lifetime terms in order to insulate them from political considerations, must be exemplars of sound judgment, even temperament and, above all else, impartiality.”

Then he continues, saying “I know this because I keep hearing Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee say this stuff. But having served alongside them for three Supreme Court confirmations — and now watching Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation process unfold — I have to say, I don’t think they really mean it.”

Coming from the disgraced former senator that couldn’t keep his hands off a sleeping woman’s breasts and the senator who questioned a Supreme Court nominee about his recollection of an episode of Perry Mason, that’s quite a joke:

Let’s get serious for a moment. First, the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee didn’t pretend to care about judicial philosophies or judicial temperament. One Democrat tried re-enacting a scene from a classic movie even though he’d gotten permission the night before to use the material. Some commentators, including one from CNN, hinted that Sen. Booker’s stunt was the first speech of the 2020 Democratic presidential primary.

In other words, Sen. Grabby Hands, spare me the diatribe about how Republicans don’t take Supreme Court confirmation hearings seriously. That’s your opinion. We have verifiable proof that Democrats don’t take these hearings seriously.

Put differently, shut up and go away. Forever.

3 Responses to “Al Franken, constitutional idiot?”

  • Chad Q says:

    He’s an all around idiot, not just a constitutional idiot. Why would USA today print an op-ed from a guy who had to resign his seat because he’s a pervert?

  • eric z says:

    Doth protest too much.

  • Chad Q says:

    What am I protesting too much about? I stated a fact and asked a question. No protesting. That’s something your ilk likes to do.

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