Recently, the DFL sent out mailers to targeted districts in a desperate attempt to flip the districts. These mailers were subjected to KSTP’s Truth Test. Since they were identical in their claims and since their allegations were wildly inaccurate (that’s another way of saying that they were outright lies), the mailers got an F. They were so bad that, during the Political Analysis segment of At Issue, Darin Broton said he didn’t know why the DFL would send out such a “demonstrably false” mailer.

To show how much it takes to get Mr. Broton to not defend the DFL’s talking points, consider that, later in the segment, he said that it’s impossible to know if the Trump/GOP tax cuts have helped. The fact that the economy is booming and wages are rising, benefit packages have improved, bonuses to non-executives have been paid, etc., it isn’t too soon to say that the Trump/GOP tax cuts have helped. But I digress.

According to the mailers, Kathy Lohmer, Dario Anselmo and Jim Knoblach “voted to give legislators a 45 percent pay raise.’ That statement is false.” Tom Hauser continues, saying “It is true that Minnesota’s 201 state legislators received 45 percent pay raises last year. However, the raises were recommended by the ‘Legislative Salary Council.’ The council was created after Minnesota voters approved a constitutional amendment in 2016 creating the council and putting it in charge of recommended whether the legislature deserves a pay raise. So not only was there no vote by any legislators on the 45 percent pay raise, Republican House Speaker Kurt Daudt tried to lead a charge to not accept the pay raise.”

In other words, this DFL claim was an outright lie. It didn’t have a hint of honesty in it. The second claim was just as bad:

The campaign mailers also claim the Republican lawmakers “voted to give big businesses a $1.3 billion tax break.”

This, too, is false. Although House Republicans, along with three Democrats, did vote for a 2017 tax bill that would have cut taxes $1.3 billion, it included a wide variety of tax breaks for Social Security recipients, property tax breaks for small businesses, estate tax cuts, a property tax exemption for a new professional soccer stadium in St. Paul and dozens of other provisions. That bill was ultimately pared down to $650 million when it was finally approved.

Watch the video of the entire segment:

The DFL is incapable of telling the truth. The Alliance for a Better Minnesota has specialized in telling whoppers for years. It shouldn’t surprise people that the DFL continues lying each election cycle in the tightest races. It isn’t just what the DFL does. It’s who the DFL is.

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  • Chad Q says:

    Tell a lie long enough and it becomes the truth. Look at this farce of a Russia investigation that was based solely on a lie.

    The Trump tax cuts allow me to keep about $200 more of my money each month so yeah, they are working.

    As for the pay raises, the DFL is probably sending those mailers to people who voted for the council and now don’t know any better. Maybe the DFL should go after the MPLS park board where they want to raise salaries by double or more or how about Alondra Cano who is trying to hire or did hire Ilhan Omar’s brother to be an aid for $90k/yr.

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