Saying that Gov. Pawlenty beat Tim Walz like a bongo drum over taxes is understatement. Walz has said that he’ll raise taxes, starting with raising the gas tax, then moving onto raising other taxes to fund “other priorities.”

The article opens by saying “Rep. Tim Walz says he’d push to raise the state’s gasoline tax if elected governor to pay for infrastructure improvements.” After that, the article says “Walz says he couldn’t rule out other tax increases to pay for priorities like broadband internet grants and local government aid increases. He says policymakers should start by addressing needs and then discuss how to pay.”

What that means is that Tim Walz supports tax increases for everyone. Gov. Pawlenty didn’t wait long to respond. He didn’t mince words, either. Here’s what Gov. Pawlenty said:

Here’s what Gov. Pawlenty said:

Here they go again – Democrats teeing up massive tax increases on hardworking Minnesotans. It’s telling when they say that a big tax hike is only a ‘starting point.’ Tim Walz and the Democrats want as much money as they can take from your pocket.

With the DFL, Minnesotans get Bernie Sanders’ failed economics, Ilhan Omar’s anti-Semitism and Mark Dayton’s incompetence. Trust me when I say that isn’t the trifecta you’d be proud of hitting.

There’s a word for that type of trifecta. That word is failure.

3 Responses to “Gov. Pawlenty criticizes Tim Walz on tax increases”

  • Chad Q says:

    Why didn’t Walz just come out and say that government knows how to best spend our hard earned money?

  • Rex Newman says:

    How can there be all these unmet needs after 8 years of Mark Dayton’s massive spending increases?

  • Gary Gross says:

    Let’s remember when Tim Pawlenty was our goalie when the DFL had supermajorities in the House & Senate. The DFL wanted to go a spending spree then. His famous line was something like “Put your fork down. Step away from the table.” In 2007, the DFL wanted to pass a law that would’ve automatically factored in inflation into the budget. I know King remembers because when he ran, his first bill included a provision for zero-based budgeting. Unfortunately, that got stripped from the bill.

    Finally, when hasn’t the DFL had a massive spending appetite?

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