Yesterday, I announced on NARN’s Final word that I’d caucus for Mitt Romney Tuesday night. I’ll do everything in my power to encourage others to do the same.

It isn’t a secret that I was a Fredhead from Day One. I said numerous times that he was the conservatives’ gold standard. He had almost impeccable federalist credentials. I knew that he’d appoint strict constructionist judges. He had a strong record of voting for tax cuts and reforming entitlements.

I’ve also been critical of Mitt Romney, especially citing his flip-flops. One thing that I’ve always believed, though, was that he’s an extremely intelligent man. Anyone with a history of accomplishments like he has must be intelligent. I’ve always thought, though, that he was reliably in the conservative camp on immigration, which isn’t a minor thing.

It isn’t a big admission that John McCain has been stronger on Iraq, That said, we’re well on our way to victory in Iraq, nullifying McCain’s biggest strength.

Another plus Romney has over McCain is in their decision-making process. Mitt Romney will pore over significant amounts of data before making a decision. Clearly, that isn’t what John McCain does. In fact, it’s mystifying to me how he can say that the debate is over on manmade global warming. The facts simply don’t bear that out. As George Will said recently, when did anyone have to say that the debate is over on whether the earth is round? We know that because we’ve got irrefutable visual proof of that.

Other considerations factored into my decision: John McCain is a disaster on a whole host of important issues. He still hasn’t let go of his Shamnesty bill. If he had, he wouldn’t have hired Juan Hernandez to be his Hispanic outreach director. He still thinks of McCain-Feingold is constitutionally solid law event though a key portion of the bill was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

I suspect I wasn’t alone in being uncomfortable in hearing McCain talk pejoratively that he served out of patriotism, not profit, as though profits are evil.

While the GOP candidates clearly didn’t like Mitt, it’s equally clear that Johhn McCain’s smugness and not-so-straight-talk weren’t winning people over.

Simply put, a President McCain has a couple strengths, numerous risks and little upside. A President Romney has numerous strengths, few risks and significant upside.

In the final analysis, that’s what made the decision to support Mitt Romney a relatively straightforward choice.

PS- Remember that a vote for McCain is a vote for the Democrats’ agenda.

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