I’ve watched the vast majority of Super Bowls, including the Steelers’ 35-31 win over the Cowboys in Super Bowl XIII. Until tonight, that was the best Super Bowl in history.

This game surpassed that game by far. What made the Giants’ win so incredible was that the Giants’ defense shut the Patriots’ offense down most of the game. During the Patriots’ fourth quarter touchdown drive, Fox put up a graphic saying that the Patriots scored on 53 percent of their drives in the regular season but that the Giants had held them without points on 6 of their 7 drives.

It’a also fitting that Plaxico Burress caught the game-winning TD pass. The big story early in the week was Plaxico’s prediction that they’d win 23-17. Tom Brady’s reaction immediately after that was one of indignation. To their credit, Michael Strahan and Osi Umenyiora came to their teammate’s defense, saying that it’d be foolish for a player to say that they thought they’d lose.

The game also marked Eli Manning’s coming out party. He looked pedestrian in their home loss against the Vikings. He looked poised tonight against a veteran team that’s used to winning in the game’s final moments.

To their credit, the Patriots rallied to retake the lead with 2:42 left. That set the stage for Eli Manning’s historic drive & Plaxico Burress’ game-winning TD reception.

It’d be a mistake, though, to not give the Giants’ offensive & defensive lines a huge amount of credit. Frankly, they outplayed the Patriots’ linemen all game long. Jason Tuck led the Giants’ pressure against Tom Brady, harrassing him all night. In fact, the Giants sacked Tom Brady more tonight than any other game this season. Prior to tonight, the Patriots had given up 21 sacks in 16 regular season games.

Steve Spagnolo’s defense kept Brady flustered & off-balance all night. Don’t be surprised if this was the last game that Spagnolo coached for the Giants, either.

Better luck next time, Patriots.

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