Based on this article, I’m betting that the Swanson-Nolan campaign is unofficially finished. Rest assured that women voters are fleeing the Swanson campaign by the day. I’d argue that it’s already killed AG Swanson’s campaign.

The Swanson-Nolan campaign took another major hit when a woman wrote a letter to 8th Congressional District DFL chair Emily Nygren on Monday while using “the pseudonym of ‘Amanda.'” In the open letter, she wrote: “You threw Jim a goodbye party and bought him a cake. You made us all sit in your office and listen to you praise the man you knew harassed and demeaned us. You allowed him to resign with honor as you graciously thanked him for his loyalty and friendship over the past several decades.”

Later in the article, ‘Amanda’ wrote: “The fact that you’re blaming your political opponents because eight of your former staffers spoke the truth about your misconduct proves that you do not understand the severity of what you’ve done.” She wrote this because “the Swanson-Nolan campaign’s initial reaction to the accusations” was to suggest that the accusations were “partly politically motivated because one of the accusers works for the rival Tim Walz-Peggy Flanagan campaign.”

This wouldn’t be the first time that a scandal was used to kill another team’s campaign. That being said, this doesn’t sound like that. ‘Amanda’ seems genuinely upset at the ‘retirement party’ she was allegedly forced to sit through.

Whatever chance Swanson had of winning suburban female voters disappeared when this scandal hit. The initial story hurt. The continuing stories have hurt worse. This video hurt the most:

There’s no escaping this situation after the campaign suggested that this is politically motivated. Once ‘Amanda’ wrote her letter, the Swanson-Nolan campaign essentially died. There were no more moves left.

Here’s ‘Amanda’s’ letter:

Click to enlarge.

This is the unofficial end of the Swanson-Nolan campaign. I suspect that the official end will be August 14.

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