Let’s be clear about the Mueller ‘investigation’. I’m with President Trump when he says that it’s a witch hunt. (Personally, I prefer calling it a fishing expedition but I’m ok with a witch hunt.) Day after day, we hear that Mueller is squeezing Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen or Gen. Flynn. I’m not a lawyer but I’m thinking that this proves that Mueller doesn’t have anything on President Trump. If you have the goods on President Trump, why wouldn’t he put that proof into the report and turn it over to the Congress?

After all, there won’t be an indictment of President Trump while he’s in office. The Constitution is quite clear on that. They saw the mischief that a political opponent might cause by charging a sitting president with trumped up accusations. That president would then be distracted from his official duties because he’d be defending himself against deceitful criminal accusations. But I digress.

The truth is that Mueller doesn’t have anything because he’d want to get the dirt to Congress so Republicans would either be forced to impeach a sitting Republican president or pay a political price this November if they did nothing. Further, it isn’t believable to think that Mueller wouldn’t want to extract revenge for President Trump’s firing of his friend Jim Comey. It simply isn’t believable to think that Mueller doesn’t want a great historical legacy. What better way to gain a legacy than by getting a president impeached and convicted?

I get it that some Republicans are saying that Mueller should be given the time:

Then again, Mueller’s had time. He’s had tons of time to investigate. Biased people who hate President Trump have said that there’s no there there in this case. In the interview, it’s mentioned that the Benghazi investigation took 2+ years.

That’s entirely different because Hillary tried hiding everything from investigators. She was the opposite of transparent. With President Trump, he turned over all requested documents virtually immediately. How are the Mueller investigation and the Benghazi investigation remotely similar? That’s like arguing that a kayak race and a speed boat race are the same because they’re both races and they’re both watercraft.

It’s time to wrap this up even if it requires listening to Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell whine about obstruction of justice and collusion for the next 6 months.

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