When Karin Housley visited St. Cloud Thursday, she brought a bold prediction with her.

During a visit to the Whitney Senior Center, Housley predicted “This is the year Minnesota’s turning red.” She then explained, saying that she “expects two U.S. House districts to flip in the state with incumbent DFLers Rep. Rick Nolan and Rep. Tim Walz retiring from Congress and running in gubernatorial races.”

I agree with both predictions. President Trump’s visit to Duluth to rally for Pete Stauber filled the arena with people. The ramp wasn’t just filled with cars. It was filled with people too. With a 4-way DFL primary set to determine who will face Stauber, expect that primary to beat each other up. I’m not sure if the DFL will be able to unite after that fight. I’d rate that race as leans GOP. As for Minnesota’s First District, the DFL doesn’t have a bench. Tim Walz was it. There’s a primary on the GOP side in MN-01 but there’s no signs of it getting bloody.

As for Sen. Housley, momentum keeps building, much of it due to the booming Trump/GOP economy. Liz Peek’s article highlights this beautifully:

President Trump wants you to quit your job! Well, not really; but the White House’s tax cuts and rollback of onerous regulations have encouraged millions of Americans to do just that. The economy is booming, opportunities are opening up all over the place, and workers are responding, by quitting in record numbers.

This may be bad news for Democrats hoping to take over Congress in November. They have no economic agenda that can compete with a buoyant jobs market that is making the American Dream come true.

Then comes the dagger:

But it is great news for American workers.

Tina Smith’s message is obstruction, resistance and socialism:

“The political revolution that Keith and I and others have talked about is not just a progressive agenda that speaks to the needs of working families, it is the need to create a national grassroots movement where ordinary people stand up to the billionaire class and take back this country,” Sanders said. “By electing Keith, and reelecting Tina and Amy [Klobuchar], you guys can help lead this country in that direction.”

Tina Smith’s socialist smile will turn upside-down when it’s revealed that she’s just another socialist who will do whatever Chuck Schumer wants her to do. Tina Smith wants to pretend to be a moderate. She isn’t:

Tina Smith rallied with Bernie Sanders and Keith Ellison this week. If that’s her definition of moderation, I’m betting most Minnesotans will reject that definition. By rallying with Sanders and Ellison, Smith proved that she’s trying to appeal to everyone. Normally, that’s ok. This isn’t normally, though. She rallied with radicals from the #Resistance.

Meanwhile, Karin Housley can claim that she’d fight for Iron Rangers, the elderly and economic growth. Housley is smart, reasonable and has an overabundance of energy. She’s exactly the type of candidate that can defeat a check off the boxes candidate like Tina Smith.

The polls don’t show it yet but what’s likely going to help Republicans like Karin Housley and Pete Stauber are the Republicans’ closing arguments. The DFL doesn’t have a closing argument. All they have is #Resist and #AbolishICE.

5 Responses to “Housley’s momentum growing?”

  • Chad Q says:

    Bernie ain’t no billionaire but he’s sure no pauper either. People who believe in the crap he’s peddling are in for a rude awakening if they get what they are wishing for. Bernie, the political class, and the wealthy will be just fine and all others will suffer because that’s just how socialism works.
    The sane people of Minnesota can see how crazy these three and the rest of the unhinged left are and while they may not like the GOP, they sure won’t vote for the socialists.

  • eric z says:

    Saying it don’t make it so. Have you ever taken the time to look at Housley’s ProjectVoteSmart record? Inauspicious is a kind way of describing it.

  • Gary Gross says:

    I’ve examined T-Smith’s record. Virtually identical to Schumer’s, Warren’s & Kamala Harris’.

    BTW, Karin Housley has a history of cleaning up Dayton’s mess with the elder care facilities that he didn’t give a shit about. People died because of the abuse that didn’t get investigated. Karin chief-authored a bill that would’ve fixed that but Gov. Dayton vetoed it.

    Plz don’t tell me that the DFL cares about the poor or the little people after shit like that. I reject that after watching this happen. Karin tried fixing the problem but Gov. Dayton killed it with a veto. That isn’t compassion.

    Personally, investigating, then fixing, a major humanitarian scandal is anything but inauspicious. Plus she built a successful business that her daughters now run. Tina Smith’s big ‘accomplishment’ was telling her constituents that she wouldn’t vote to confirm any justices to the Supreme Court without even interviewing them. That isn’t inauspicious. That’s bigoted & mean-spirited.

  • eric z says:

    Warren is not in a class with Schumer nor Harris. Warren is several cut better. It is ignorant to say they are the same. Or polemics over reason.

  • eric z says:


    In case you care.

    Trying to gin up old folks’ votes; with her voting record, is disingenuous.

    HF 3172, Did not vote. What a weasel move that was. And you suggest character.

    HF 2096, did not vote. She can run, but she cannot hide.

    You can link from there to her ratings; clearly a choice hating hack, voting the party line often; hiding and not voting when she wants to duck issues; shameful stuff …

    In her favor? She’s not Eric Lucero or Abigail Whelan, so she could be worse.

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