Sorry for not writing about this earlier but it’s still important to highlight the fact that the Minnesota College Republicans endorsed Gov. Tim Pawlenty. In his announcement, Pawlenty noted that “The Minnesota College Republicans today endorsed Tim Pawlenty and Michelle Fischbach for Governor and Lt. Governor in the August 14 Republican primary.” Later, Gov. Pawlenty said “As a former member of the Minnesota College Republicans, I’m honored to have their endorsement,” said Pawlenty. “This is a critical moment for our state and I appreciate the grassroots support of college students across our state adding even more momentum to our campaign. I have the strength and experience to solve problems and bring Minnesotans together and look forward to working with the College Republicans to win on August 14 and November 6.”

In the MNCR’s statement, written by Minnesota College Republicans Chair Kathryn Hinderaker, they said “Minnesota needs a governor who will actively increase and improve our educational opportunities and Tim Pawlenty is the only candidate ready to do that. Tim has made it clear he will work with us from day one to identify and attack the unique challenges college students face today. Tim is also fearless in his defense of our national security and the rule of law. He is the common-sense conservative leader we need to move Minnesota forward.”

Yes, Miss Hinderaker has a famous dad who happens to be a pretty good blogger. But I digress.

Let’s be blunt about this. Couple the MNCRs’ endorsement with the poll and it’s pretty apparent that the chances of Tim Pawlenty being the Republican candidate in November’s general election are pretty high. Here’s Q9 of the Outstate poll:

This isn’t that tight of a race. Further, I’ve gotten word that Johnson isn’t connecting with voters in the Seventh and Eighth districts because he isn’t working with the grass roots up there. If the Johnson campaign isn’t reaching out to the grass roots activists, then he deserves to lose.

Compare that with TPaw’s interactions with the grass roots after the State Convention. To quote Yogi Berra, “It gets late here pretty early.”

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