When Chas Anderson tweeted this information this morning, my first thought was whether this included a big loan from his personal stash.

Check out what the article says. It says “Gov. Rick Scott’s campaign says he raised $10.7 million during the second quarter of 2018, a ‘record breaking’ number that more than triples the best effort of any quarter by his opponent, Democrat Bill Nelson. The $10.7 million figure — ‘a historic amount that surpasses any other national Senate campaign’ — also does not reflect any of Scott’s own personal money spent on the campaign. The final tally included more than 11,000 contributors, 80 percent of whom live in Florida; 75 percent of all contributors gave less than $500.” In other words, lots of Floridians like this guy and are contributing to his campaign. Each of those 11,000 in-state contributors are votes for Gov. Scott. That’s an impressive political base. Further, that’s a huge haul, one that Bill Nelson likely can’t compete with.

This must intimidate Bill Nelson:

Scott, a two-term Governor, asserts in the release that the $10.7 million haul is “sending a message to Washington that the time of career politicians is over – and our momentum is not slowing down.” Florida Finance Chairwoman Darlene Jordan had a similar take: “This historic more than $10.7 million fundraising quarter shows that the opportunity to elect Governor Rick Scott and send a career politician back home has Floridians more excited than ever before.”

Bill Nelson is a do-nothing senator. His list of accomplishments is pretty short. Rick Scott’s list of accomplishments is significant and lengthy.

This should frighten Sen. Nelson, too:

Gov. Rick Scott’s campaign says it has hauled in as much cash in three weeks as his opponent, Democratic U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, raised in the first three months of this year. Scott, a Republican, collected $3.2 million in individual contributions since he launched his bid to unseat the three-term incumbent senator, according to his campaign.

That’s from an April 30th article. The thing that stands out to me is that Scott’s fundraising continues at an impressive pace. If I’m Bill Nelson’s campaign manager, I’d be worried. ALOT!

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