I could be polite and say that President Trump criticized Jon Tester, (D-MT), but that wouldn’t be forceful enough. When President Trump got to Four Seasons Arena in Great Falls, MT, it didn’t take long for Trump to trash Tester. It took President Trump a few minutes to get started on that ‘mission’ but once President Trump started zeroing in on Sen. Tester’s voting record, he totally obliterated Sen. Tester. President Trump totally demolished Tester’s carefully crafted image of being a mountain state moderate. It was like watching the destruction of Tom Daschle all over again.

This article does a nice job of covering the rally. I love it that they reported that President Trump “criticized Tester for publicly airing unproven allegations that Navy admiral and doctor and presidential physician Ronny L. Jackson drank on the job, improperly prescribed and dispensed medications and created a ‘toxic’ work environment.” Later, the Secret Service trashed Tester’s allegations. Unfortunately, Tester’s trash-talking had demolished a good man, which was the point of the attacks.

Elsewhere in the article, it correctly reported that President Trump “also criticized Tester for voting against the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch’s nomination for the Supreme Court.” Gorsuch is now one of the rising stars of the high court. Check out this video, especially where Don, Jr. warms up the crowd:

Especially fun was the part where Donald Jr. said this about Tester:

I can’t think of a single measurement where we aren’t better off today than we were 18 months ago. And yet, they run on this platform. Everything Trump does is terrible. If Donald Trump came out in favor of oxygen, the Democrats would come out against it. … When I look at Jon Tester in this race, he talks about all the things he’s voted for Trump on. But wait a minute. Where was he on Justice Gorsuch? Where was he on sanctuary cities? Do you want Montana to be a sanctuary state? And most importantly, the biggie, where was he on tax reform? You know where he was? He was with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. He was nowhere to be found — the big one, the one that puts money in your pockets, the one that allows you to take care of family, the one that allows you to put food on the table — he wasn’t there for that one and he said “expletive one of the worst bills ever put before the Senate.” Think about that. The bill that is allowing all these companies to bring back all this money, that is allowing these companies to pay all these bonuses, that is employing tens of thousands of people, all-time low unemployment numbers, all those positive things because of this bill, he was against it.

The important principle to remember in all this is that every Senate Democrat up for re-election this fall has a virtually identical voting record. In fact, it isn’t a stretch to say that DC Democrats have a virtually identical voting record.

Obviously, the House doesn’t vote on judicial nominations but they voted on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act just like their Senate brethren. It’s stunning that every Democrat voted against the tax cuts. They voted against the policy that’s creating literally hundreds of thousands of new jobs.

That’s who Jon Tester really is. That’s who the Democrats really are. It’s time to drain the swamp of America-hating Democrats. It’s time to install God-fearing patriots who put America first in our federal government.

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