Saying that Donald Trump, Jr. didn’t leave anything in the gun in this op-ed is understatement.

Trump Jr. opens by saying “Sen. Jon Tester pretends he’s willing to work with President Trump to Make America Great Again, but his Chuck Schumer-approved, liberal record proves otherwise. Tester has voted no on tax cuts, no on repealing and replacing Obamacare, no on cracking down on sanctuary cities, no on repealing stifling regulations, and has continually supported gun control measures that would restrict our precious 2nd Amendment rights — all of which runs directly counter to my father’s America First agenda.”

What part of that record sounds like a moderate? Tonight, President Trump will rally for Matt Rosendale, the GOP candidate for the Senate in Montana. Expect there to be tons of red meat in the air describing Sen. Tester’s voting record. Here’s more from Trump Jr.’s op-ed:

When it comes to voting with the President, he only does so 37 percent of the time. He’s voted against President Trump’s federal nominations numerous times, for instance, and he even opposed a waiver to allow General James Mattis to become Secretary of Defense.

Then there’s this:

In this Congress, Tester has voted with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer 84 percent of the time and with his Democratic Caucus 85 percent of the time. He ranks in the top ten for donations from lobbyists, and voted with Barack Obama’s leftwing agenda nearly 95 percent of the time — including the disastrous and job-killing Obamacare.

When it comes to the issue of illegal immigration, Tester has been a complete failure. He voted against a Senate proposal in February that would crack down on cities that don’t comply with federal immigration laws. He then embarrassed all of Montana by voting against “Kate’s Law,” a bill that would increase penalties for illegals who reenter the U.S. after being deported.

Get out the butter on this guy. Thanks in part to Donald Trump Jr.’s op-ed, Tester is toast.

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