I’ve been writing for months that Democrats aren’t anything close to moderate. I’ve written about how Democrats unflinchingly sided with environmental activists during the Obama administration rather than side with miners or pipeline construction unions. I’ve written about Salena Zito’s observations from the campaign trail showing how disconnected Democrats are with Blue Collar America. This article highlights how immoderate Democrats are and how they aren’t pretending to be moderate anymore.

The article’s second paragraph says “Socialist Bernie Sanders is unquestionably the spiritual leader of the Democratic party, which is radicalizing itself in his image, and on the strength of her blowout Democratic-primary win over liberal incumbent Joe Crowley in the party-ruled NY-14 congressional district, soon-to-be-congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is now one of the most prominent faces in the Democratic party. A poll last fall put support for socialism at 44 percent among Millennials, and even more disturbingly, 23 percent of this group agreed that Joseph Stalin is a “hero.” Socialized medicine, i.e., Medicare for all, is the hottest issue on the Left (unless you count hating Trump as an “issue”).”

There’s no questioning whether Bernie-mania is running wild within the Democratic Party. What’s getting questioned is whether Bernie-mania will help or hurt Democrats. At this point, I’m betting that it’ll hurt Democrats. Imagine how upset entrepreneurs will be when watching this video:

Imagine being a small business owner working 60+ hours a week but then being told that they aren’t paying their fair share of taxes. To most people in that situation, they think they’re paying too much taxes while working too hard.

If Democrats want to preach the gospel of tax fairness while the economy roars, that’s their option. I’ll just predict it won’t turn out well.

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