Let’s be blunt. I could use that title for 20 articles per day if I wanted and each of those articles would be about different articles. This time, I’m talking about the Democrats’ reaction following Justice Kennedy’s retirement announcement.

Nan Aron’s op-ed is a classic example of the left’s coming unhinged. Aron wrote “While the news of Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement is not entirely unexpected, it still comes as a thunderclap. This is even more true now than it would have been last June, when speculation also swirled around his possible departure. Since then, we have had another year to observe the Trump administration’s downward spiral into cruelty and incoherence, an approach to governing that has not spared the judicial branch. Trump has continued to target courts and judges with the crudest of insults, even as his White House works overtime to push forward lower-court judicial nominees who are among the most ideologically extreme and professionally underqualified we have seen in nearly 40 years in this field.”

Aron’s opinion is based solely on the fact that none of the likely candidates are wildly liberal whose rulings aren’t utterly predictable before the lawsuit gets to the Supreme Court. Aron isn’t alone. Watch CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin totally lose it in this interview:

That’s a stunning prediction. It’s also wildly inaccurate. By comparison, though, his prediction is mild compared with Chris Matthews’ diatribe:

Wow! That’s what unhinged looks like. Couple those videos with the Left’s increasing calls for abolishing ICE and you’re looking at a political party that’s too unhinged to be given the reins of power. Speaking of which, the first 2 Democrat presidential candidates (Kamala Harris and Kirsten Gillibrand) have joined in calling for abolishing ICE.

Why would anyone think that these people are fit for office? What proof is there that they aren’t permanently unhinged? It’s one thing to disagree with the opposition about policy. This isn’t that. This is about people losing it emotionally.

In fact, check out Maxine Waters lose it:

Do these people look like anyone you’d trust with your pet? If you wouldn’t trust them babysitting your pet, why would you give them control of any of the levers of political power? I surely wouldn’t.

2 Responses to “Democrats come unhinged”

  • Chad Q says:

    While I did not like the Obama administration and was frustrated at almost everything they did, I never became unhinged like these whack-a-doodles. There’s no way I’d allow these nut jobs access to may pets!

  • Gary Gross says:

    Chad, let’s be blunt. I think more & more people are noticing that Democrats aren’t just wrong on the issues but that they’re nuts as hell. It’s my belief that this will hurt the DFL locally & Democrats nationally in this year’s elections. Until Democrats truly become more moderate, people won’t trust them enough to deliver them a majority.

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