When Gov. Dayton vetoed the omnibus spending bill, he killed funding for multiple important things. We knew that Gov. Dayton’s veto killed funding for elder care protections. Thanks to this article, we now know that Gov. Dayton’s veto of the omnibus spending bill is shutting down “Minnesota’s cash-strapped suicide hotline.” How heartless can you get?

It’s time to give our governor a new nickname. I think it’s time to nickname him Gov. Temper Tantrum because he’s long on temper tantrums and short on solutions. He can’t get out of office soon enough. Thanks to Gov. Dayton’s temper tantrums, people might die. That isn’t acceptable. Period.

Think about this. Thanks to Gov. Temper Tantrum’s vetoes, people will lose their homes through no fault of their own. Employees have lost their jobs. Now, potentially, people in need might be deprived of a helpline. What type of heartless bastard would do that?

This is Gov. Dayton’s feeble attempt to defend his vetoes:

What a total loser. This isn’t just about policy. It’s about real people’s lives. Apparently, Gov. Dayton’s parents didn’t teach him that political gamesmanship has real life consequences. It’s time for him to leave. It can’t come soon enough.

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