Thus far, Tim Pawlenty is the only GOP gubernatorial candidate to send me information on their campaign. Jeff Johnson’s campaign hasn’t shown any signs of activity, either in fundraising letters, campaign updates or through social media. At this point, I’m left to question whether Jeff Johnson is going through the motions or whether he’s just too broke to run a full-fledged campaign.

At any rate, Tim Pawlenty is running a complete campaign. In his latest campaign email, Pawlenty writes “The DFL candidates for governor, Tim Walz and Erin Murphy, support tax increases and turning Minnesota into a haven for illegal immigration by imposing sanctuary state laws. In fact, Tim Walz even proposed bringing terrorists being held at Guantanamo Bay to Rochester, Minnesota!” Later in the same email, Pawlenty wrote “At a time when our state government can’t properly operate the renewal system for licenses; can’t even properly confirm eligibility before giving out public assistance; and is even being investigated for potentially diverting child care funds to terrorists — we need our elected officials to be accountable and use common sense. With the DFL plunging into chaos, they have proven to every Minnesotan that they cannot and will not take these critical responsibilities seriously.”

Gov. Dayton has been a total disaster the past 8 years. Minnesotans are taxed far too much. Far too often under Gov. Dayton’s and the DFL’s watch, they’ve ignored warning signs of theft or fraud.

It isn’t improper to call the DFL the party of big broken government. They’ve proven that they only care about oversized appropriations and no oversight. MNLARS continues unfixed. Meanwhile, Gov. Dayton vetoed a bill that would’ve saved deputy registrars from financial ruin that Gov. Dayton and the DFL caused because Republicans wouldn’t write Gov. Dayton a blank check for an additional $33,000,000 to supposedly finish fixing MNLARS. When the GOP insisted on strict oversight, Gov. Dayton went into another of his famous diatribes.

Do we want another inept, corrupt Democrat in the Governor’s mansion? Shouldn’t we want a governor who has already shown he’s competent? We can’t afford Erin Murphy’s wildly expensive ideas

2 Responses to “Pawlenty makes his case”

  • Rexnewman says:

    I’ve been receiving multiple emails a week from Johnson, more than from Pawlenty in fact. And in terms of substance the gap is wider still.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Frankly, I’ve received only a couple emails from Jeff Johnson. As for the substance of the Pawlenty emails, they’ve been more than sufficiently detailed. Finally, the things that Pawlenty has focused on are the hottest of the issues that Gov. Dayton has screwed up — MNLARS, the elder care abuse scandal & the child care fraud scandal.

    As for social media, Jeff Johnson has been invisible. I know that he’s perfectly capable of great substance. There’s no disputing that. I just haven’t seen it.

    Finally, Jeff Johnson hasn’t resisted taking cheap shots at Pawlenty. Friday night on Almanac was a perfect example. It’s looked like he’s flailing to get attention.

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