I just got off the phone with Mitch Berg, who told me that Erin Murphy has picked Erin Maye Quade to be the Lt. Gov. candidate on her ticket. I told Mitch that nothing says geographical and ideological balance like a pair of gun-grabbing Metrocrats that hate mining. BTW, you’ll want to read Mitch’s upcoming post to hear his perspective on this. Trust me when I tell you that he’s got a perspective that you won’t hear from the Twin Cities media.

Here’s a little background on EMQ: “Quade first rose to prominence in speaking out on sexual harassment at the State Capitol — a #MeToo movement that ultimately led to the resignation of two prominent state legislators. Quade also led a 24-hour sit-in on the floor of the State Capitol in April, calling for a vote on several gun control bills before the session’s end. Quade is the first openly LGBT candidate for statewide office on a ticket endorsed by a major party. At 32, she would also be one of the youngest people to serve in the office.”

In her first gubernatorial-level decision, Murphy failed miserably. The Lt. Gov. must be able to step in as governor if, God forbid, something happens to the governor. Erin Maye Quade fails that test:

Maye Quade is serving her first term in the House and previously worked for U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison doing constituent services and organizing for DFL campaigns. She is a lifelong resident of Apple Valley, where she lives with her wife, Alyse, who also organizes for the DFL Party.

Basically, she’s a high profile activist. What’s funny is that Murphy doesn’t admit that this ticket won’t be well-received outside the Twin Cities metro:

Here’s the thing: Erin Murphy hates farmers almost as much as she hates miners, loggers and gun owners. The thought that Murphy and Quade will appeal to more than 12% of rural voters statewide is ridiculous. I’ve got to think that the NRA is chomping at the bit to go after this ticket. In the Eighth, I’m betting that there are tons of DFLers that can’t wait to vote against this ticket. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if they vote for one of the GOP tickets.

Ken Martin won’t admit it but he’s got to be afraid of what this ticket would do to the DFL this November.

5 Responses to “The DFL’s Metrocrat ticket disaster”

  • Duke Powell says:

    Murphy has made a major blunder. Tim Walz must be smiling. Looks as if his strategy at the convention was correct. A primary defeat in Aug will effect DFL turnout in Nov.

  • eric z says:

    My party’s primary will be bigger than your party’s.

  • Gary Gross says:

    After Walz or Murphy wins, two-thirds of the people who voted for the losers will stay home. Winning the primary is what’s known as a moral victory. People winning moral victories don’t take the oath of office in January.

  • eric z says:

    Pawlenty supporters will quietly and obediently shift to Johnson once Johnson wins the GOP primary, They will not stay home. But will that solidarity be enough to push unpopularity over the top? We have to wait to see.

    Pawlenty people are driven by expediency so that when Johnson becomes expedient, droves will shift their money piles Johnson-ward, ya betcha. Walz and Murphy are different. Their supporters are policy oriented, not a DC guy’s fan club, so it will be harder for the DFL after the primary. Pawlenty people are all DC or Wall Street mavens, and cannot vote in Minnesota. Johnson’s got your party’s base behind him. If Pawlenty were to win the GOP primary, that’s where the stay-home-don’t-bother factor might play, your side.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Eric, Murphy’s supporters are ideology-driven. They haven’t listened in years nor have they thought things through to figure out if their ‘remedies’ actually work. Here’s a hint: Single-payer fails wherever it’s tried, every time it’s tried. In case you haven’t noticed, & you haven’t, not listening is what created Trump.

    From what I ‘saw’ from the DFL Convention floor, those are people that think that moderates are evil. They aren’t just wrong. They’re thought to be evil.

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