Since the start of the campaign, Doug Wardlow has had a plan for what he’d like to accomplish if elected. After winning the GOP endorsement to be their candidate for Attorney General, Wardlow issued a statement, saying “I am humbled and honored to receive the Minnesota Republican Party endorsement. I promise that as Minnesota‚Äôs Attorney General I will restore law and order and work with President Trump to stop illegal immigration and voter fraud.”

What isn’t known is who Wardlow’s DFL opponent will be. It might be Matt Pelikan, the DFL-endorsed candidate. Rumors started spreading late Saturday that Lori Swanson might run for governor in the DFL Primary. If that happens, it’s rumored that Ryan Winkler might jump into the AG primary against Pelikan. Finally, it’s still possible that Mr. Wardlow will face Lori Swanson.

After yesterday, though, the DFL is a fractured political party. Their gubernatorial endorsement went long before getting the delegates upset. Friday night, a rumor started that Rebecca Otto might team with Erin Murphy if Otto didn’t do well on the first ballot. Late Saturday afternoon, Otto chose to team with Tim Walz. Saying that the delegates felt betrayed is understatement. Saying that the DFL is deeply fractured is understatement, too. While it’s still possible for the DFL to unite, that isn’t the DFL’s only problem. In fact, it isn’t their biggest problem.

The DFL’s biggest problem is that they aren’t a serious political party that’s serious about solving Minnesota’s problems. They’re mostly interested in identity politics. That’s why some delegates touted the fact that Matt Pelikan, if elected, would be the first openly gay state attorney general. They didn’t say anything about how qualified he was, though Mike Hatch criticized him as being inexperienced.

Here is Wardlow’s letter accepting the Republicans’ endorsement:

Wardlow will be a handful for whoever the DFL runs against him. He’s sharp, principled and a strong campaigner. Lori Swanson, Matt Pelikan and Ryan Winkler aren’t any of those things. Swanson is obviously the toughest opponent he’d face but she isn’t invincible.

The DFL emerged from their convention upset with themselves and facing a bunch of primaries. Republicans emerged from their convention united and facing just 1 primary. Most importantly, Republicans emerged with a message, great candidates and a lengthy list of legislative accomplishments.

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