Briana Bierschbach just tweeted the most shocking news from either convention:

Big upset: Matt Pelikan was just endorsed by acclamation at the DFL convention in Rochester

Here’s how it started:

That unexpected result was followed by this:
Wow. Close ballot between Lori Swanson and @NickPelican for AG. Not surprised. He gave a great speech and Lori didn’t even speak. And I don’t see any Swanson signs on the floor. Sounds like she underestimated her opponent. #DFL2018
Then this:

Doug Wardlow, the MNGOP-endorsed candidate for AG, chimed in with this:

There’s no doubt that Swanson will run in the August primary. Still, this isn’t something she could’ve planned for. Wardlow has run a smart, strong campaign thus far. Here’s something that Wardlow has talked about:

Our frontline prosecutors are not being supported by the current AG – we will change that.

Swanson took her DFL opponent for granted. Wardlow is campaigning on themes that resonate with people on Main Street.

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