This evening, I received this email from Councilman Jeff Johnson:

I’m sure some of the city council members will enjoy not having to deal with Jeff Johnson. Unfortunately, the city of St. Cloud lost a true leader and a man of impeccable integrity. In the interest of full disclosure, Jeff has been my friend for 12+ years. I doubt that that’s a surprise to those who’ve read LFR throughout the years.

The thing Councilman Johnson’s supporters, myself included, appreciated most about him was his willingness to listen to opposing points of view. If you were his constituent (and sometimes if you weren’t), he made time to listen. That’s something that most of the council doesn’t do.

Another thing that people appreciated about Councilman Johnson was his insistence on following City Council rules consistently. That’s another thing that isn’t a priority for Council President Carol Lewis and councilmembers like Steve Laraway, John Libert, Dave Masters and Jeff Goerger.

6 Responses to “Official announcement: Jeff Johnson won’t seek re-election”

  • Dave Steckling says:

    Jeff was a true pioneer for haulting the resettlement program and requesting studies be initiated. The time and energy he expended could not have been greater. I’m sure he will
    continue to be a vocal until his term expires. We will all miss you Jeff; the road you carved out for us will always be remembered. God bless.

  • Liz says:

    “Impeccable integrity” is 100% true. Thank you Jeff Johnson for all your hard work.

  • Larry says:

    As a former St. Cloud resident, I’ve been watching your immigrant problems with great interest. I hope and pray that a concerned and learned citizen will step up to fill the rather enormous shoes left by Councilman Jeff Johnson.

  • Mary Lenk says:

    Jeff, thank you for all the intensive labor you have put in trying to help the city of St. Cloud. We commend you for all your time and effort and wish you the best. Some people will not listen no matter how hard you try.

    May God Bless you

  • Judy Rossel says:

    Jeff, it is with sadness that I hear of your not seeking re-election; however, I am so proud of your staying in and supporting those you care about, this long, without any support from the rest of the council. You have “run the race” and now we must leave the rest up to our Father, to finish what He has started.
    God bless you for all you have given to our community!

  • John Palmer says:

    I guess Jeff has more than 5 or six people he received input from in his efforts to represent the people of Ward 4 and St. Cloud. He will be missed, but he has set a wonderful example of a citizen leader and not a career politician. Eight years is long enough for any councilman or mayor. Voluntary term limits reflect what our founders desired for elective leaders. When politicians stay to long it is up to the citizens to impose a term limit.

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