Perhaps the people who wrote this LTE didn’t realize it but it frames an important question satisfactorily. Todd Holthaus and Dave Smiglewski state “A proposal making its way through the Minnesota House and Senate would ask voters to change the State Constitution to permanently dedicate the revenue attributable to the sales tax on auto parts to roads and bridges. These funds, almost $300 million per year, currently go to the state’s general fund, the same pool of money that supports things like schools and Local Government Aid (LGA).”

Actually, the truth is that the money from those sales taxes are used to pay for K-12 education, LGA, nursing homes, veterans care and a lengthy list of other things. It pays for things like Community Action Minneapolis, which used the money to fund Caribbean vacations for corrupt Twin Cities politicians. It also pays for child care fraud to help the ‘folks back home’. Back home in the Middle East and the Horn of Africa, that is. Unfortunately, Messrs. Holthaus and Smiglewski didn’t think that information was important.

Make no mistake about it, Minnesota’s roads and bridges need help. However, diverting money away from the general fund will either cause pain to other important state programs or require the state to raise taxes to make up the shortfall. That is why we urge legislators and the public to reject this proposed constitutional amendment.

Messrs. Holthaus and Smiglewski didn’t admit that economies built on pro-growth policies matter. Holthaus and Smiglewski base their opinion on policies that aren’t pro-growth, that don’t unleash the private sector. The best way to consistently have enough money for government’s core functions is a strong economy. The DFL’s policies hurt too many people in rural Minnesota. The DFL’s buffer strip legislation hurts farmers. The DFL’s wild rice rule hurts miners. The DFL’s anti-fossil fuel policies hurt all Minnesotans.

Budgets are about setting priorities. For decades, the DFL has pushed the myth that funding equals great educational outcomes. The DFL hasn’t had a new idea on education since Wendy Anderson was governor. That’s because the DFL is owned by Education Minnesota.

3 Responses to “Roads & bridges vs. general fund”

  • Chad Q says:

    What these two morons and the progressive’s are really saying is “this is own money to squander as we see fit so keep your hands off of it”. I guarantee the amendment fails because of the ads Ed. MN, AFSME, and other will run saying it will take money from kids and public employees.

  • Rexnewman says:

    And I will vote no because it’s bad policy to clutter any Constitution with relative minutia like this. Plus, the Legislature can easily maneuver around this.

  • Chad Q says:

    You are correct Rex. When the progressive’s take over full control again (which will happen again, don’t kid yourself), They will say they no longer need to pass bills for R & B’s or bond for them because there’s already three constitutional amendments dedicating money for R & B’s and/or transportation so they are going to spend more money on social engineering and welfare. Hope I’m out of this god forsaken state before that happens.

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