When CAIR-MN gets riled up, it’s my experience that it’s because they’re defending the indefensible. That’s what they did this past week. With help from ISAIAHMN, CAIR-MN went on the offensive, saying “Today the Somali-American business community and Muslim faith leaders of Minnesota called out recent scapegoating and grandstanding by some Republican politicians in the legislature. Several harmful bills have been introduced in the final days of this legislative session that do nothing to resolve the issues of families needing resources and instead engender divisive, fearful rhetoric about Minnesota‚Äôs African immigrant and Muslim communities. ‘These bills introduced specifically target our communities and our transferring of money to our loved ones in Somalia,’ said Jaylani Hussein, executive director of CAIR-Minnesota. ‘This is a cynical attempt to use African immigrant and Muslim communities as a political football in the final days of the legislative session.'”

Predictably, Jaylani Hussein is leaving out important information. That’s his job. What he’s omitting is this:

In order for the scheme to work, the daycare centers need to sign up low income families that qualify for child care assistance funding. Surveillance videos from a case prosecuted by Hennepin County show parents checking their kids into a center, only to leave with them a few minutes later. Sometimes, no children would show up. Either way, the center would bill the state for a full day of childcare.

Video from that same case shows a man handing out envelopes of what are believed to be kickback payments to parents who are in on the fraud.

That’s how these poverty-stricken people get the money to send millions of dollars ‘home’, if that’s where it actually ends up. Hussein is whining because people are complaining because a group of people are committing fraud. That’s essentially stealing money. How dare these people steal this money. Minnesota taxpayers funded a program in good faith to help people but the people it’s supposed to benefit pilfer the money. It’s illegal to tell the state that children are using a whole day of child care when they’re at the child care center only minutes each day. That’s called fraud.

Turn on the waterworks all you want but crime is crime. A whistleblower stepped forward to expose this operation. Now that this operation has been exposed, CAIR-MN is Johnny-on-the-spot to spin this as just another attempt to keep Muslims down. What’s more disgusting is that ISAIAHMN is right there supporting them. Apparently, the rule of law isn’t important to either organization.

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  • Bob Carrillo says:

    IF you are waiting for this pattern of warped and barbaric behavior to change, please accept my best wishes, and my condolences as well..

    In the latest news broadcast (KMSP FOX TV – Minneapolis) relating to what now looks like a “$200 Million Dollar Day Care Billing Scam”, over the course of the past two years alone, perpetrated against the taxpayers of Minnesota, the Somali “community (only 2% of Minnesota’s population), manages to focus on “how difficult it is to send money back to their families & friends”, and that there are “risks involved FOR THEM in doing so”… …NOT THE SCAM & THEFT ITSELF!

    MN CAIR Director, Jaylani Hussein, claims that because there are more Somali’s here (Minnesota) now, and “that there is more wealth in their community now”, and that this is a challenge FOR THEM.. …NEVER MENTIONING THE THEFT, NOR THE SCAM…

    …Not one word of contrition, or shame, or accountability, or remorse, due to the FACT, that this SCAM was known throughout the entire Somali “community”, and no one said a word. NOT ONE!

    ..According to the prior KMSP TV news report, and FBI & BCA sting operation, their brothers and sisters of their “community” were actually buying “shares” in the “food chain of theft” per this particular scam and massive theft in Minnesota, and then actually schooling other members of their nationwide “community”, and network of thieves, as to how to do the same thing throughout the entire U.S.

    …This very same pattern of massive theft and corruption is also going on all over the world, to include, western Europe, The UK, and Australia as well..

    In short, and once again, per the most recent KMSP TV 9 broadcast (Minneapolis),THEY ARE THE OH-SO-SAD ‘REFUGEE’ VICTIMS, and any criticism of this (and many other social services system(s) scams) – also in the millions the theft of Minnesota taxpayer dollars – , should of course be seen as “ISLAMOPHOBIA”…and NOT what it actually is; “ORGANIZED CRIME”..

    EVERY Minnesota “Social Services” program should be subjected to IMMEDIATE AUDIT AND INVESTIGATION IMMEDIATELY! You can be fairly certain that all facets of OUR “cradle-to-grave Minnesota WELFARE & Social Services programs have been corrupted…and much in the same way.

    Again, IF you are waiting for this pattern of warped and barbaric behavior to change, please accept my best wishes, and my condolences as well.. Because you might just be the biggest blind fool on the planet.

    …Just 2% of our Minnesota population folks, committing all this crime and violence, stealing all this money, and directly involved with all this “imported” chaos!

    And, their biggest challenge and “risk” is sending all of OUR MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF DOLLARS of OUR resources back home to support terrorists in Somalia and east Africa?

    Islamophobia? This my friends, is the sometimes-useful-byproduct-of-a-bull!..

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