Earlier in President Trump’s administration, Democrats had a big advantage in the generic ballot question and in the enthusiasm gap. The MSM quickly jumped to stories about the big blue wave that was about to hit President Trump and sink his presidency. The good news is that people are stepping forward with tons of campaign cash to save the Republicans’ hides.

Republicans have amassed a sprawling shadow field organization to defend the House this fall, spending tens of millions of dollars in an unprecedented effort to protect dozens of battleground districts that will determine control of the chamber.

The initiative by the Congressional Leadership Fund, a super PAC aligned with Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), now includes 34 offices running mini-campaigns for vulnerable Republicans throughout the country. It has built its own in-house research and data teams and recruited 4,000 student volunteers, who have knocked on more than 10 million doors since February 2017.

The operation far eclipses the group’s activity in any previous election, when CLF didn’t have a single volunteer or field office. At this time last election cycle, the group had raised $2 million. As of Tuesday, CLF, which markets itself to donors as a super PAC dedicated to saving the House majority and can collect contributions with no dollar limit, had hauled in more than $71 million. That war chest and new infrastructure could be a significant factor in an election year dominated by expectations of a Democratic wave fueled by a backlash against President Donald Trump.

Rest assured that this operation will get GOP voters out to vote. The other good news is that Democrats aren’t listening to Nancy Pelosi. They’re still talking impeachment and spreading Russia collusion stories. When they aren’t doing that, they’re supporting candidates like Kara Eastman and Scott Wallace. These are folks that’d make Bernie Sanders look like a capitalist.

The tide is turning. The DC pundits are getting it wrong again. After the Fox debate for the West Virginia GOP primary, Chris Stirewalt said that there was real momentum for Don Blankenship. After that, most of the stories written followed that same storyline. Blankenship lost by 15 points to the pre-debate favorite, Patrick Morrisey. The guy with the prison record never really had a chance.

What the GOPe and the MSM don’t understand is that the Trump Army cares most about his accomplishments and the people who help him win those fights. Some are annoyed by his tweets but they love his accomplishments. If Republicans run on the Trump policy agenda, the Trump Army will turn out for them. Couple that with Adelson’s Army and you have a legitimate shot at outperforming expectations and holding onto the House.

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