In this post, I said “Here’s a fearless prediction: the DFL will criticize the House-Senate GOP tax cuts as tax breaks for big corporations. What the legislation says is irrelevant to the DFL. What’s important to the DFL is that they’ve rehearsed their lines properly.”

This morning, I received an email from the Alliance for Telling Filthy Lies, aka ABM. In their email was a sentence that said “if state Republicans get their way, corporations and the wealthiest Minnesotans will get millions in tax breaks as our schools face teacher layoffs and program cuts from lack of funding.”

Talk about a total filthy lie. Here’s the truth:

The House and Senate deal lowers the state’s first tax bracket from 5.35 percent to 5.25 percent. The change affects a single filer’s earnings below $25,890 and a couple’s below $37,850. The second tax bracket rate drops from 7.05 percent to 6.85 percent. This decrease affects a single filer’s income between $25,891 and $85,060 and a couple’s between $37,851 and $150,380. The rate reductions would take place over two fiscal years, so the lower rates would be in place by 2020. The changes would cost $137 million this year and $341 million by 2020.

It’s disgusting to hear the DFL lie like that. Only people in the lowest 2 income tax brackets will have their rates cut. There’s nothing in the bill that remotely relates to corporations or upper income tax brackets.

Here’s the edited email that I received:

Apparently, it’s asking the DFL too much to actually tell the truth. The only legitimate conclusion that can be drawn is that they’re disgusting people who haven’t hesitated to lie to get their way. I expect better than that. I can’t vote for people I can’t trust.

On a related matter, Gov. Dayton vetoed the tax conformity bill in front of a room filled with students. This November, it’s time to throw these liars out. It’s time to reject their dishonesty. It’s time to demand people that tell the truth and who do their utmost to keep their promises.

Finally, it’s time to elect pro-growth politicians. It’s time to reject the DFL socialists.

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