Now that the GOP majorities in the Minnesota House and Senate have gotten together and ironed out their difference, their tax cut bill is heading to Gov. Dayton’s desk. That’s the good news. The bad news is that Gov. Dayton intends to veto it unless he gets additional funding for K-12 education.

The article states “The Minnesota House has passed a tax bill compromise with the Senate that promises to reduce tax rates and bring the state code in closer alignment with recent federal changes. That compromise, which has yet to be voted on in the state Senate, still doesn’t have the approval of DFL Governor Mark Dayton. The agreement that House and Senate negotiators finalized just prior to Tuesday’s vote would reduce taxes for an estimated 2.2 million Minnesotans. It would reduce state income tax rates for the first time in 18 years.”

Gov. Dayton’s job is to put in place policies that make Minnesotans’ lives better. Thankfully, it won’t be his job much longer. Frankly, he’s been mediocre (at best) at it. Instead, Gov. Dayton has threatened to raise taxes if he doesn’t get $138,000,000 in additional K-12 appropriations.

Rep. Greg Davids issued this statement after the House passed the bill:

If Gov. Dayton vetoes this bill, Republicans should campaign on this from now until Election Day.

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