One of the things that people don’t get about the Trump phenomenon is why his followers are steadfastly loyal. The answer is simple. They’ve been complaining for years, decades sometimes, without getting the politicians’ attention. The thing that Trump’s done that’s built his unwavering support is that he’s listened.

Here in St. Cloud, the 5 ostriches aren’t interested in listening. Because they haven’t been interested in listening, a small but principled group of determined citizens is about to get the ostriches’ attention. Their petition states “A Citizen Committee for an Initiative and Referendum Regarding a Call for Action by Elected O?cials Representing the City of St. Cloud Presented to the City Clerk on May 14th, 2018 Under the provisions of the Home Rule Charter of the City of St. Cloud, MN under the Comprehensive Revision Adopted March 18, 1952 and it’s Amendments Through the Period of Time Ending July 10th, 2017 (Home Rule Charter), we the undersigned residents and registered voters in the City of St. Cloud acting as a Citizen Committee, as de?ne by the Home Rule Charter, are exercising the Powers Reserved by the People under Article V of the Home Rule Charter, do hereby petition for a proposed resolution of the City of St. Cloud addressing actions to be taken by elected o?cials of the City of St. Cloud regarding the federal government’s Refugee Act of 1980 and it’s amendments. Said resolution shall be placed before the voters of the City of St. Cloud at the next General Election. (Provisions of the Home Rule Charter are o?ered for information purposes following the signatures of the Citizen Committee).”

The citizens of St. Cloud have said that they’re worried about the expenses attached to the Refugee Act of 1980. The ostriches have declared that the city can handle the additional burdens or they’ve denied outright that the financial burdens exist. The citizens that signed this notice of petition steadfastly disagree with the ostriches, aka Jeff Goerger, Dave Masters, John Libert, Carol Lewis and Steve Laraway.

At tonight’s city council meeting, Councilman Johnson will speak to this issue at tonight’s City Council meeting. Expect lots of eyerolls and looks of total disinterest on the ostriches’ faces. When they decide to ignore something, they set their heart, mind, soul and strength to it.

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