If you’re wondering why Robert Mueller’s ‘investigation’ is allowed to continue, it’s because the conventional wisdom says that forcing him to shut down would create more headaches than it would solve. Since I don’t buy into the theory that people buy into Washington’s conventional wisdom, I’d argue that it’s time to fire Rod Rosenstein, install an acting Deputy Attorney General with integrity and a no-nonsense approach, then give that acting Deputy Attorney General orders to bring in Mueller for a visit.

Truthfully, that ‘visit’ would feel more like an interrogation. If Mueller admits that he hasn’t found proof of collusion between Putin’s Russia and the Trump campaign, that acting Deputy AG should tell Mueller he has 2 options. The first option is to hand off any unrelated crimes found in Mueller’s fishing expedition to the appropriate US Attorney or to Justice Department lawyers. The other option is to prepare to be fired.

Supposedly, we needed a special counsel to determine whether the Trump campaign colluded with Putin’s Russia to steal the 2016 election away from Hillary Clinton. After a couple of years of digging into that theory, there isn’t a scintilla of proof that happened. Mueller’s team of hyperpartisan investigators haven’t found a bit of evidence proving collusion or obstruction of justice. Despite all the threats of ruining the targets’ financial situation, nothing has popped.

Make no mistake. Official Washington will throw a weeklong hissy fit. The media wing of the Democratic Party, Chuck Schumer and Adam Schiff will be positively apoplectic. Jerry Nadler and Maxine Waters will be, too. That’s fine. If this is a fight between President Trump and common sense on one side and these Democrats on the other, President Trump will win that fight. (It’s wise to pick your opponents wisely.)

The key is firing Rosenstein. He’s done nothing to supervise Mueller’s investigation. He’s been more like a potted plant than a supervisor.

The truth is that the things Mueller is investigating are things that the DOJ or the US Attorneys are tasked with investigating. We don’t need a special council to prosecute Paul Manafort for tax evasion. If the media wing of the Democratic Party throws a hissy fit, that’s just fine. Each time they do that, Trump’s approval rating improves.

Finally, the truth that the DC echochamber won’t admit is that there’s no longer a justification for Mueller’s investigation.

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