I enjoy most anything that Human Events puts out. That said, this article is off the charts great. Here’s the lead-in to the article:

Wendell Goler: Gentlemen, if we can, let’s move on.

In his second inaugural, President Bush made clear that this country would no longer trade civility for democracy, yet relations with Pakistan seem to test that.

Senator Thompson, would your administration continue to back Pakistani President Musharraf despite polls that show two-thirds of the Pakistani people want him to resign immediately?

Sen. Fred Thompson: Oh, my goodness, go against the poll?
–Fox News Republican Presidential Debate, January 11, 2008

Fredheads like me have always loved how Fred zings media people, especially after they ask horserace-oriented questions. This wasn’t any different. As bitingly sarcastic as Fred’s reply was, these paragraphs were even more biting:

Thompson was fighting the polls even before he got in the race for president. First, he was the unannounced winner that we breathlessly waited to get into the race. He is a real conservative on every front and a commanding presence. After much too much waiting, Fred Thompson got into the race. He immediately began falling short of media-created expectations, and the sharks began to circle.

Since the talking heads have been right about everything else in the election, Thompson ought to just close up shop and go home to Tennessee, right? Since Iowa, if you only listened to the reporting on the Thompson campaign, you would think this guy is a few cards short of a deck for even going on another day. But what if the pundits and pollsters are wrong?

Ouch. That’s gotta sting. It certainly is something that the mystified media deserve. In fact, I’d consider that a tiny down-payment for what they deserve. The mystified media deserve far mmore hostile treatment than that for ignoring Fred.

They’re utterly determined to write Fred off. We The People are in the process of telling them to take a long walk off a short plank. Here’s a great observation:

More than once, pundits or pollsters have said, “Fred just doesn’t have the fire in his belly,” or “have you noticed in debates Fred runs out of things to say before his time has run out?” Perish the thought; a candidate should actually answer a question without qualifiers and get to the point. I am tired of hearing candidates go on for three minutes when they’ve been asked a simple question requiring a “yes or no” answer.

The mystified media are clueless about Fred Thompson. He’s got a great personality and a dry sense of humor. More importantly, he actually answer people’s questions directly. While other candidates’ handlers brag about their candidate staying on message, Fred revels in answering people directly. Most voters find that trait refreshing.

Here’s how clueless the mystified media is:

The mainstream media and some cable outlets don’t like Fred. Dick Morris said before Thompson announced that he wouldn’t pass muster because when people realize that he’s not that guy on “Law and Order,” they won’t like him.

Dick Morris appeared on Hannity & Colmes Monday tonight. His faulty analysis was that the GOP “establishment seems to be coalescing around McCain” as their consensus candidate. That’s too bad because We The People will determine who wins the nomination.

Just like we frowned when John McCain, Arlen Specter and Ted Kennedy announced the Grand Bargain, likewise we’re frowning now. We The People are getting attracted to the thought of a Thompson administration.

I’ve said repeatedly that a new paradigm was discovered when we melted down the Senate’s switchboard during the immigration debate. We told the wobblies in both parties that We The People wouldn’t tolerate their inside Washington games. We The People told the out-of-touch strategists that we wouldn’t tolerate their timidity.

We The People are craving a revolution but the strategists want us to settle for business as usual. Not this time. In fact, NEVER AGAIN.

While Fox News, MSNBC and CNN ignore Fred, we keep volunteering to push Fred over the top in South Carolina. We’re doing our part to force the mystified media to pay attention to We The People determining who will be our next leader.

One thing that the pundits aren’t paying attention to is how message, credibility and GOTV volunteers are turning the Thompson campaign into a considerable electoral force. When the results start rolling in Saturday, I suspect many will feel pretty sheepish.

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