Though they might not know it yet, the Democrats have a major Ronny Jackson problem on their hands. Former Obama State Department Spokesperson Marie Harf is part of that problem, saying that Democrats have to take seriously the “credible allegations” against Admiral Jackson. My first reaction is that the smear campaign isn’t credible for multiple reasons.

First, Admiral Jackson has gone through FBI background checks 3 times, once when he first became President Bush’s personal doctor, again when he stayed on as the Obama family doctor and finally when he became the Trumps’ WH family doctor. Admiral Jackson went through a background check when he became an admiral, too.

These “credible allegations” have gotten shot down. The article says “Over the last 48 hours, media outlets have alleged that U.S. Secret Service personnel were forced to intervene during a presidential foreign travel assignment in order to prevent disturbing (former) President Barack Obama. The Secret Service has no such record of any incident; specifically, any incident involving Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson.”

The statement continues with this:

Rear Admiral Jackson, in his role as the official White House Physician, has provided years of dedicated support to the men and women of the Secret Service, often miles from home and under difficult travel conditions, in order to ensure our personnel are healthy and prepared to execute our critical mission.

In other words, this was a deliberate attempt at sabotaging the reputation of a good man who had the bad misfortune of being associated with President Trump. Democrats just sabotaged a distinguished member of the military for purely partisan points. That’s as disgusting as it gets. This video highlights the fact that Democrats are behind this:

At the start of the video, MSNBC’s Ali Velshi identifies “Democrats on the Senate Veteran Affairs Committee” as putting out this information. Further, these Democrats accuse Admiral Jackson of writing prescriptions for himself, then accused him of “multiple counts of drunkenness while on duty, including incidents while on overseas travel.”

These accusations supposedly came from 23 unidentified members of the military, “many of whom are still in uniform.” Until they’re willing to step into public view and be questioned and interrogated, these statements are too self-serving to be credible.

These Democrats aren’t guilty of a crime but they’re definitely guilty of attempting to ruin a good man’s career by using anonymous sources to make unsubstantiated accusations. This isn’t the American way as the Founding Fathers envisioned it. That’s why they wrote the Bill of Rights to include the right of a defendant to question his accusers.

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