Husky Pride?
by Silence Dogood

It’s a sample of one class on one day. As a result, making any kind of broad generalization is a stretch. However, it remains a sample worth considering. On Thursday morning fifty-three students showed up to take the last exam before finals. Of the fifty-three students, only a single student wore an SCSU branded shirt/jacket. The student that did show Husky pride happens to be an athlete at SCSU so they are somewhat obligated to wear the school colors. A single student out of fifty-three represents less than 2% of the class. Five other students in the class were wearing shirts with other school brands:

Bemidji State
Minnesota State Mankato
Wisconsin (football)
Air Force (hockey)

Two female students in the class wore “Pink” monogramed shirts. So, “Pink” branded shirts out-performed the home school brand.

What does this mean? With such a small sample it’s hard to reach a definitive conclusion. However, a simple walk around on campus (unless it is a day when they are recruiting students), you might get the idea that what was true in one class on one day was true in general.

Maybe the cost of SCSU branded apparel is much more expensive than that from other schools so fewer people can afford them. Perhaps there was a YouTube challenge on Thursday to not wear your school colors to class. Many explanations are possible. However, these two explanations are probably less likely than the fact that SCSU has an image problem that rebranding and giving away free tee shirts won’t solve.

If there is a solution for an apparent lack of Husky Pride or for increasing the value of the brand, it’s seems to be a closely guarded secret. What I do know is that ‘unleashing’ a tired old dog won’t make that dog fetch. Will an increase in Husky Pride solve SCSU’s enrollment and financial problems? Perhaps, but doing the same old things over and over and expecting a different outcome is nothing to be proud of nor will it solve any problems. It seems that something new is needed or a lot of SCSU branded merchandise will be found on the discount rack or at yard sales.

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