Whose Values? What Values?
By Rambling Rose

Protests about gun control and efforts to update an “antiquated” Second Amendment abound in the media. However, there is little to no coverage of student-led protests to protect the yet-to-be-born babes in the womb or those that speak out in favor of use of guns for defense. Only by chance did I see a post by Franklin Graham on Facebook that alerted me to the April 23rd “sit-out.” On the 24th, I still found only one article that published coverage of the protest.

Parents entrust their precious children to the schools in good faith and trust that the instruction follows traditional values of the USA society. WRONG!

Just as parents were unaware of the educational boondoggle of the Obama administration, funded by Bill and Melinda Gates and forced upon 45/46 states of the nation by Arne Duncan with Race to the Top, known as Common Core (still alive in many states as per the Every Student Succeeds Act, 2015), so are parents unaware of the leftist infiltration of the curriculum and the perverse values that even the youngest learn. Some call this health curriculum “Pornography 101.”

In North Carolina, the elementary schools initiated a program called Welcoming Schools to promote “family diversity” (interpret—same sex parents) and “gender-inclusive, non-binary schools” (interpret—same-sex and transgender platforms). “The program, developed by the LGBT advocacy group the Human Rights Campaign, subjects students to opposite-gender role-play, and encourages them to cross-dress and to view traditional attitudes of family structure as harmful…” Students who question the curriculum are referred to Planned Parenthood.

In Cumberland County, North Carolina, another Planned Parenthood program, Get Real, was introduced into the sixth and seventh grade program. When parents objected to the promotion of homosexuality and gender confusion and explicit descriptions of sex acts, the schools dropped the program.

The progressives have utilized other names to promote similar programs, including Making Proud Choices and Safe Schools. Sadly, their agenda for gender identity and sexual behavior has integrated the entire curriculum. Sadly, too, is the guise of promoting the inclusion of these deviant practices as a program to combat bullying—a farce, a lie…but a strategy that has not received much attention by anyone.

Thanks to the vigilant eyes of parents in North Carolina, programs were changed. Thanks to those same parents a global protest did occur (reportedly) on April 23, 2018. How many parents are still unaware of the pervasive practices occurring daily in this country’s schools? Whose values should be included in the classroom? The parents/the family, naturally. But is that reality?

Parents need to be involved—ask your children about their classes, discuss the books that they read, ask about “ceremonies” performed/celebrated in their classes…VISIT the schools and ATTEND classes.

Many have predicted the fall “from within” without a single gunshot. Yes, the LGBTQ community indoctrinates the next generation and has radicalized young people against their parents and their values to embrace “what they learned in school.”

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