Mike Huckabee said he believes that Bush administration foreign policy is arrogant, that President Bush hasn’t sought the help of enough allies and that President Bush has a bunker mentality. That’s why I find this statement so disingenuous:

“I think we need to make it very clear, not just to the Iranians, but to anybody, that if you think you’re going to engage the United States military, be prepared not simply to have a battle. Be prepared, first, to put your sights on the American vessel. And then be prepared that the next things you see will be the gates of Hell, because that is exactly what you will see after that,” South Carolina front-runner Mike Huckabee said.

Now who’s being arrogant? Who’s the one with a go-it-alone unilateralist attitude? More importantly, who believes that gov. Huckabee actually thinks like that? Haven’t most conservatives figured out that he’d have a pacifist foreign policy? He’s gone from being very dovish to sounding very hawkish in just a few short weeks. That isn’t convincing anyone.

Huckabee said that after spending $12 billion to help the Pakistanis fight terror on and within its borders, the U.S. should get a rundown of what it bought.

“I think we now are in a position more than ever that we should ask the Musharraf government for a better accounting. And it also ought to buy us some leverage with the Musharraf government,” he said.

The last thing we need is for some foreign policy lightweight like Gov. Huckabee to make such provocative declarations. Like Sen. Thompson said, our first goal should be to keep Pakistan’s nuclear weapons out of terrorists’ hands.

In past campaigns, Democrats have made provocative statements about foreign policy. Now another liberal is making provocative statements about foreign policy. Unfortunately, this time the liberal is a Republican. Talk about arrogant and self-serving.

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