This tweet from Tim Walz says everything we need to know about his allegiance to the Democrats’ special interests. Further, it says that Rep. Walz’s allegiance isn’t to protecting American citizens.

The tweet says “The way @realDonaldTrump treats Dreamers is no way for anyone to treat contributing patriotic members of our country. The way @realDonaldTrump approaches trade is no way for anyone to approach matters that have real-life impacts on working-class folks. Enough, Mr. President.”

Rep. Walz has worked on veterans’ issues for 11 years. It’s still a problem, meaning that he’s more into working on problems than he’s into fixing problems. Working on problems is something that Gov. Dayton has focused on. He’s worked on MNLARS. He’s worked on MNsure. He’s (barely) worked on the elder care home crisis. Each of these issues have been around 6-8 years. Of those issues, MNsure is the closest to being fixed. The others are far from fixed.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Here’s a question to millennials: why vote for people who can’t get a simple website to work? MNLARS doesn’t work. MNsure didn’t work. When you can’t get a simple website working, what part of that sounds like someone equipped for life in the 21st century? Shouldn’t our next governor be someone who’s ready to create a MNLARS app? This is what Tim Walz thinks of rural Minnesota:

Remember that Walz supposedly represents rural Minnesotans. If he cares that little about his own constituents, shouldn’t we expect that he doesn’t care about protecting the nation?

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  • Chad Q says:

    Dreamers = law breakers so why are we trying to make sure they can stay here? I don’t care if they came here with their parents 20 years ago or climbed over the wall yesterday, they broke the law and need to pay the price. If that means being deported to a country they know nothing about, so be it.
    Without rules (or in this cases, laws), we’d all be a bunch of tree climbing crap flingers.

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