Today, Tim Pawlenty will officially announce that he’s running to become the governor of Minnesota. A GOP strategist is already speaking out about Gov. Pawlenty’s campaign, saying “Pawlenty is a huge addition to the Republican efforts across the map this fall. Specifically in Minnesota, Pawlenty’s entrance to the race is the type of game changer Republicans need. Pawlenty is not only experienced and has a very good image with voters across the ideological spectrum, he’s also demonstrated a level of confidence that most voters are looking for this fall and it’s exactly the type of thing Republicans want in every ticket in every state.”

This strategist spoke with “CNBC on the condition of anonymity.”

Gov. Pawlenty’s campaign strengths are two-fold. First, he’s able to raise a ton of money, something that’s been missing from GOP coffers for years. Next, he’s a great retail politician. On the stump, he’s got the gift of connecting with people. As the time-tested saying goes, you don’t get to govern if you can’t get elected.

Predictably, A Better Minnesota already has a video up in their attempt to stir up trouble:

I won’t criticize Prof. Schier but saying that he’ll have lots of questions to answer about being a Washington lobbying is what the media will care about. Voters will care about policies and Gov. Pawlenty’s plan for making their lives better.

It isn’t that those questions aren’t legitimate. It’s that they aren’t that important to voters unless there’s some sort of scandal Pawlenty’s involved in. And yes, that’s true about most politicians. That’s why the Trump-collusion ‘investigation’ has been such a failure. After 2 years of digging, they don’t have anything to show for their efforts. People have moved on.

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5 Responses to “Pawlenty announces candidacy”

  • Chad Q says:

    How is it that this state doesn’t have anyone better than Jeff Johnson or Tim Pawlenty to run for the GOP ticket? It’s like the movie industry that has to re-make movies because they are all out of new ideas.

  • Gary Gross says:

    It might be because the DFL’s economic policies are driving people from the state.

  • eric z says:

    I am confused, and you guys may be able to help. This link

    That shows Pawlenty registerd his committee with the CFB on March 18. He held Minnesota and Florida private fundraiser events. When must he file reporting showing the money. Does he have to detail sources of money raised prior to the filing date; i.e., prior to March 18. That seems as if it would be a big loophole.

    Do you Gary, or any reader, have an answer? Or would that be Jeff Johnson’s concern?

    And I am a voter who cares about who bought this on, aren’t you? Are you saying whose money is in play is irrelevant to you? That would be quaint.

  • eric z says:

    Forgot to say, Chad Q. raises a good question. A glib sidestep is a rhetorical device. The only answer I can give to Chad is, “Have you any name in mind?”

    But responding to a question with a question also is a rhetorical device; even when sincere.

    Is there any answer? You’ve an arguably better candidate gunning for Tina Smith. Are am I wrong?

  • Gary Gross says:

    Pawlenty first formed an exploratory committee rather than jumping straight into the race like others did. Yesterday was when he officially announced his official candidacy. The money that Pawlenty raised at those events will be reported on the next report.

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