A rose, some lipstick and bullies

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Shakespeare told us that a rose remains a rose even if the name is changed. In the 2010 presidential election, we learned that putting lipstick on a pig is not enough to change its identity.

I am confused, disappointed and even disturbed by media today that seem to paint bullying as a new phenomenon that occurs in schools due to guns. And that the persons that have shot school-age children suffer from mental issues caused by bullying.

It’s not that simple.

And bullying is as old as time.

Bullying, by whatever name, is not related to gun ownership. It is spawned by sin and has been exacerbated by an increasing immoral society. I am confident that the majority reading this article have been picked on, insulted and bullied as a child AND as an adult. It occurs at home, at school, in the workplace—wherever the bully is. Just because it has happened to so many does NOT make it right. Nor did it begin in the 1990’s when researchers in this country became interested in the topic due to the school shootings.

Bullying is about control by one or more over others perceived to be weaker, less desirable and not just for race, religion, poverty, physical characteristics or more recently, announced sexual preferences. It’s about power and control—to feed the bully’s ego and warped self-worth.

Victims of the undeserved bullying have always suffered from lowered self-esteem, poor academic and/or work performance, illness, disturbed sleep, isolation and loneliness, etc. They have been targeted by ones with whom they should have had a positive relationship—family, friends and classmates, teachers and administrators, co-workers and supervisors. Instead they were attacked, often without warning. It just happened; it hurt; it was wrong.

Studies say that observers should intervene. Probably, but why would they if they could become the next targets? The studies suggest that the young people should tell teachers. Probably, but it does no good if the bullies come from the families of social status in the community, from friends of the teachers, from the athletic teams of the school. They belong! The victims learn again that they do not count, and the pain is intensified.

Many speculate on the causes of bullying—guns, violent movies, video games, drugs, race, religion, etc.

Let me add to the discussion. In the 1960’s, God was removed from schools and society. Now progressives want Him removed from our history and governing documents. With the Hippies, drugs became more accessible and accepted. Now society is legalizing them. Currently the abuse of prescription drugs is epidemic. At the same time, family life was devalued and destroyed; co-habitation and no marriage covenant, no-fault divorce and no stigma, fatherless families and lack of role models. Some even advocate turning infants over to the State to be reared since families are incapable of providing for them.

Bullying causes physical and emotional consequences that destroy human dignity, freedom and security. Previously, a stronger family re-affirmed the victims’ identity, even if the victim chose not to share the humility with the family unit but did find strength at home. Now that resource is not available to many.

Cyberbullying is another layer of bullying. I thank Melanie Trump’s efforts to tackle this problem as her project as First Lady.

I congratulate all who have had the family support to survive and thrive. Bullies want to hurt, harm and humiliate to feed their egos. They won’t stop. But we can help the targeted victims.

Our task is to love our family members and let them know that they are valued and loved. Hug your child; take time for your child—no matter their age.

A survivor.

2 Responses to “The history of bullying”

  • JerryE9 says:

    Thank you. I think there is one other element– the notion that our government can, should and has assumed the responsibility to make everything “good” for everybody. Look no further, on this issue, than the bureaucratic “anti-bullying law” that was crammed down our throats, threatens schools, teachers, kids and parents alike with its mandates, with real penalties for not “handling” such situations in the approved manner. It is bullying, pure and simple, and government is the one doing it.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Thanks for that astute observation, Jerry. Who protects us when government is the bully?

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