This afternoon, I had the good fortune of meeting a woman named Agnes Gibboney. According to her Twitter profile, she’s an “Angel Mom standing up for Americans and the USA.” Agnes is a legal immigrant who was born in Budapest, Hungary and who lived in South America with her parents waiting to become American citizens. How ironic (and painful) that her son was killed by a stray bullet fired by an illegal alien, who immediately fled to Mexico.

The semi-good news is that the illegal alien that killed Agnes’ son returned to the United States. He’s currently serving a 20 year sentence. This article from Sept. 2016 explains part of what she’s gone through. Be sure to keep the tissues handy when reading it.

The article starts by saying “Agnes Gibboney knows Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is the only one who is going to help secure the border. It’s an issue that is very personal for the Rancho Cucamonga resident whose son, Ronald da Silva, was killed 2007 in El Monte by a gang member who was in the United States without legal permission, and had been previously deported.”

Unfortunately, this isn’t an isolated incident. While Democrats try painting the picture that DACA recipients are either valedictorians or military heroes or aspiring entrepreneurs, that isn’t the truth for the majority of them. Too often, DACA recipients are criminals who’ve gotten their charges reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor so they can stay in the US.

When I wrote this post with the intent of introducing Mary Ann Mendoza to LFR readers, I noted that her son Brandon was killed by an illegal alien drunk driver whose blood-alcohol content at the time of the fatal accident was .24%.

While the MSM won’t cover the backstories of the victims whose lives are forever changed, LFR will. America needs to know that illegal immigration isn’t just about migrant workers who come to the US for a better life. Far too often, they’re criminals who are part of a drug cartel or into human trafficking or a member of MS-13.

Agnes “is known as one of the ‘Angel Moms,’ ‘a term used by the Texas-based nonprofit organization The Remembrance Project, which supports families of victims of crimes committed by people in the United States illegally. On Wednesday, she was in Phoenix standing behind Trump as he delivered a speech on immigration policy. At one point during his speech, Trump asked Gibboney to step up to microphone and share her story. Afterward, he put his arms around her and kissed her on the forehead. ‘I live every day with the fear that another one of my children is going to get killed,’ recounted Gibboney.”

The next time that Democrats refuse to build the wall, Republicans should criticize them and highlight the public safety hazards that illegal aliens present. The left is playing hardball with immigration. The next time a Democrat incumbent tries painting illegal aliens as valedictorians or military heroes or future entrepreneurs, the Republican candidate should have a set of pictures of families who’ve lost loved ones to illegal aliens. At the right time during the debate, I’d coach them to show the pictures while challenging the Democrat to explain why Democrats rationalize these deaths but raise holy hell when a loved one is killed with a firearm.

Here’s the video of Agnes testifying to the House Subcommittee on National Security:

Moms like Agnes Gibboney and Mary Ann Mendoza deserve answers, too. Dads like Jim Steinle and Steve Ronnebeck and uncles like Mike Ronnebeck deserve answers, too. Check out Al Franken’s facial expression while Jim Steinle testified in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee:

It’s pretty disgusting. Then again, the Democrats’ indifference to people suffering at the hands of illegal alien felons is disgusting, too.

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  • Dan Summers says:

    Hi Agnes, I am the Chairman of the American Liberty Forum of Ramona. We have monthly town hall meetings and invite speakers on many topics. We are booked through February of next year, but would love to have you as our guest speaker some time after February. You can reach me at my email address or my phone at 858-735-9670. Thank you for your consideration, Dan

  • Hal Thurow says:

    Push for the prosecution of the elected officials who made sanctuary for illegals. They are accomplices in all their crimes.

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